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Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. There is a way of reaching the mountain–top. The best that the holiest man can do leaves him far short of the glory of God. But divine mercy comes down and bridges over the chasm. Jesus said, “I am the way: …no one comes to The Father, but by Me.” There is a story of a boy and his little brother crossing a lake on the ice. They came to a crack, and the little fellow could not get across. Then his brother laid himself down over the crack, making a bridge of his body, and the little fellow crept over on him. That is what Jesus did. Men could not cross the great chasm between sin and glory, and He laid His own body across it, and on this “way” whosoever will may pass over and reach The Father and blessedness. The word “justified” means that those who accept the redemption of Christ become as though they had not sinned, so completely are their sins put away. All we have to do is to accept Christ.