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JungkookxHania Chapter 1: intro chapter Chapter 2: dinner Chapter 3: - This 3 part story is dedicated to my beautiful friend @haniarocioo Clubs weren't really your thing but you convinced yourself 'why not, it could be fun... Right?' You sat in the least crowded area you could find, you loved to dance and to dress up every once in a while, but clubs were WAY too crowded and stuffy for your liking. Honestly, the only reason why you came was because your roommate dragged you here. Earlier that day
"C'mon!! It'll be fun!! You love dancing and you never knooow you could find someone to bring home" Your roommate said in her annoying pleading voice "I already told you, clubs aren't my thing, I've been to a couple before and I didn't like it. End of story." You didn't have time for this, it was your first year at university and you weren't about to get side tracked by your party animal roommate. "Ugh! You're no fun" she whined "No. I'm not" you reply bluntly "Plllleeeeeaaaaasseee!! I'll leave you alone for the rest of the year if you just come with me this one time." You pace around your dorm room trying to organize your things for class later that week and finally cave "FINE. I'll GO. But under that condition. You'll stop bothering me to go out clubbing" "Yay!!" She jumps around clapping in excitement "and you can wear that sexy red dress you have"
- You sat at the edge of a large half circle couch that was just off of the dance floor, your face in your phone, wishing you were anywhere else but here. After about half an hour of sitting alone while your roommate was off grinding up on random strangers you figured there was no point in staying here any longer and sent her a text "Hey, thanks for the invite, but I still have a lot of work to be done so I'm going to head out. See you later. Don't get too drunk and don't bring back any random guys please." You send it, shut off your phone and look up and right across from you, sitting at the other end of the couch, is a very handsome young man starring right at you. Just observing you, up and down, then your eyes met and you felt your entire face burn up. The intensity in his eyes were just to much for you to handle. You look down immediately, grab your purse, and make your way out of the club. You had to pass by the handsome young man as you make your way out but before you could avoid him he grabbed onto your shoulder. You turn around to be met by his chest. He had stood up, the hight difference was uncanny, and the closeness between the two of you made your heart beat faster than normal. You start to panic, wondering why he stopped you "C-CAN I HELP YOU?! DID YOU NEED SOMETHING?!" You ask him, yelling, trying to over power the blasting club music He leans down, his mouth centimeters away from your ear and says in a deep, soothing voice "I don't like clubs much either. Why don't we get away from here? I'll take you out to dinner, considering the fact that you're already all.." He paused and made a deep 'hmm' sound before he finished "dressed up." You could hear your heart beat now ,it was beating so fast and hard, but you couldn't understand why, you didn't know this guy, but damn he's hot, and he was coming onto you. But again, you didn't know the guy. You couldn't just leave with him. You must have been thinking a long time or was just in shock of the whole situation because he spoke up again "So? What do you say?" His voice almost vibrating as he spoke. "Ummmm..." You didn't know what to say. His voice was so deep, so smooth, and the way he was looking at you. It was honestly turning you on. You almost wanted to just say 'yes! Yes, let's go!' but no. You couldn't. "Ahh, thanks" you managed to come out with "but umm no... I can't..I don't know you, I can't just leave with you" He chuckled, making the hair at the back of your neck stand on end "Don't worry" he cooed "we'll get to know each other very well and if it will get you to calm down a bit, I own this place, so you can trust me" He brushed his mouth slightly over the edge of your ear and spoke once more "And my name is Jungkook, miss Hania"
Admin: Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this intro to a three part story I've been working on for a minute now haha~ if you couldn't already guess it's going to be a Jungkook angst ;)))) but we won't get to the ;)))) part till later~~~~ oh! And a quick update on "Save Me" I know I haven't actually updated the story in a week going on two weeks, but I've been on vacation and I will be posting the next chapter (I believe it's chapter 7¿?) this week. I'm also working on a Jin angst atm but I need inspiration to complete it (-。-; but any way~ hope you enjoyed!!! Tags~ @haniarocioo @CrystalGuerra @MariaMontoya1 @Orihemay @tiffany1922 @EmmaJolie @IsoldaPazo @faith92 @amburg171997 @maritesssison @leelee12 @juliavip @aliendestina @kpossible4250 @michellerosa @greciaflores @littlemaryk @jaiipanda @juliavip @momochamie @nerdydemigod @jessicalista @nathalyalamo298 @sindyhernandez @lizzy987 @eliortiz13 @sarahdarwish @shelby101 @angeladarkness @resavalencia @jaysbae13 @bridgetjara @jiminakpop @jimin21abs @janellym123 @melissagarza @patricias @kristinacaron @betseybleau @gaarita100 Let me know if you want to be added or removed ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
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