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Ch. 4
Takuya walks home, as he walks into the house he hears dishes clinging in the kitchen. Takuya drops his bag by the stairs.
“Hey mom.” Takuya says. His mother looks up from the bottom cabinet.
“Hey honey, how was your first day?” she asks.
“It was great, I made some friends.” Takuya admits.
“That’s good, hey do you know where the small frying pan is? I can’t seem to find it.” She asks getting up from the floor. Takuya walks over to the sink and pulls out a small frying pan from the dish rack.
“You mean this one.” Takuya said, as his mother watches him.
“Ha, cute, yeah that one.” She admits.
“Had a busy day?” Takuya asks. It’s only been a year since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully they caught it early so her chances of recovery were strong, but Takuya feels that the treatment left its mark.
Takuya absolutely loved his mother, she’s his best friend.
“Oh, I also have a boyfriend.” Takuya blurts out. His mother turns around from the stove.
“Really! Is he cute, will I like him? He better be good to my angel or I’ll roast him.” His mother says as she waves the spatula in the air. Takuya laughs.
“Yes mom, you’d loved him, he’s really great. I think it was love at first sight for both of us.” Takuya says with a smile.
“I’m happy for you honey, but be careful homosexuality isn’t as easily accepted in Korea as it is in other countries.” She reminds him. Takuya nods his head.
“Let me help you cook.” Takuya takes some things out from the fridge and begins to help his mother with dinner.
During dinner Takuya and his mother talk about school, Takuya talks about the people he met and how comfortable he felt with his new friends. After dinner Takuya does the dishes, while he’s zoning out with his chore his mind kept seeing Shin. Takuya was day dreaming about what Shin would be doing now if he was there.
*day dream*
Shin walks into the kitchen with the last of the dishes and places them on the kitchen counter next to the sink.
“Thanks.” Takuya said as he continued to wash the dishes and rinse them, placing them in the dish rack. Shin nods his head, Takuya thinks Shin leaves but is surprised when he feels Shins arms wrap around his waist and Shin’s head lays on Takuya’s shoulder.
“I feel much better now.” Shin says. Takuya laughs.
“You were feeling bad before?” Takuya asks. Shin just nods his head, rubbing on Takuya’s shoulder.
“I was feeling tired, so I needed to energize myself, so I’m hugging you.” Shin replied, Takuya laughs at Shin’s statement.
*End day dream*
Takuya snapped out of his day dream when he hears a knocking on the door. His mother goes to answer it.
“Hello.” His mother says. Takuya turns the water off and grabs a rag to dry his hands. Takuya walks into the living room and his eyes grow wide when he sees Shin sitting on the couch next to his mother talking. Shin looks up at Takuya and smiles cutely while waving. Takuya chuckles.
“Hello Shin, what are you doing here?” Takuya asks. Shin stands up and bows to Takuya’s mother.
“My mother said for me to deliver this to our new neighbors. And to invite you over for dinner sometime.” Shin explains as he points to the pie on the table. Takuya’s mother watches them with a smile.
“Isn’t his mother nice? And Shin is so well mannered. You forgot to mention that part dear.” Takuya’s mother looks at him with an eyebrow raised. Shin turns to look at Takuya’s mother then back at Takuya.
“Talked about me did ya?” Shin asks with a wink. Takuya smiles and bends his head down in embarrassment.
“Shin, there’s something I would like to ask you, it’s about some homework I’m confused with.” Takuya asks. Shin nods his head. Takuya starts walking up the stairs.
“It was very nice to meet you, mom.” Shin said with a wink and took Takuya’s mother’s hand in his and kissed the top of it before following Takuya up the stairs. Takuya’s mother places her hand on her cheek and acted all cute.
The boys reach Takuya’s room, Takuya closes the door and walks over to his desk where he drops his bag and starts to pull out his books. Shin walks over to him and wraps his arms around Takuya.
“I needed to recharge myself.” Shin admits. Takuya had a since of Déjà vu but then his mind flashed back to the day dream he had and he just smiled.
“That’s funny, I was thinking about you before you knocked on my door.” Takuya admits. Shin lifts his head.
“Really?” Shin shows his surprise. Takuya turns around to face Shin.
“Yeah, it’s funny because your actions match what I was thinking.” Takuya explains.
“Did you see this?” Shin asks as he leans in to kiss Takuya. After they pull apart, Takuya shakes his head.
“Nope, didn’t get that far in my day dream.” Takuya admits. Shin smiles.
“Good.” Shin turns to look around Takuya’s room.
“How long have you lived in Korea?” Shin asks.
“About 3 months.” Takuya replies.
“Really, wow! Your Korean is really good for a foreigner.” Shin replied. Takuya smiled.
“I had a friend back in Japan that was Korean so I learned a lot from her. After a moment of silence and Shin finished snooping around Takuya’s room.
“Anyway the real reason I came over is because I don’t have your phone number and I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to get it.” Shin confesses quickly.
“You came over just for that?” Takuya shakes his head. “What am I going to do with you?” Takuya ask.
“Love me.” Shin replies and blows his cheeks up while pointing to it cutely.
“I’m not going to give you my number tonight.” Takuya stated. Shin’s cute face dropped into a frown.
“Why?” Shin asks.
“Because I’m going to make you wait until tomorrow. Now go home before I change my mind and ask you to sleep with me.” Takuya said. Shin’s frown turns back into a smile and he starts to chuckle evilly. Takuya shakes his head and moves to push Shin out the door.
“Go home. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Takuya said.
“Ok, I’ll go, but let’s walk to school tomorrow okay.” Shin asks.
“Of course.” Takuya said. And with that Shin was happy again. Shin gives a quick peck on Takuya’s cheek before leaving his room, going down the stairs and back to his house.
“See you later mom!” Shin shouts out to Takuya’s mother, Takuya heard it from his room and smiles.
“How can I love him already.” Takuya said to himself.
Shin reaches his room.
“Oh what are you doing here?” Shin asks Yongseok. Shin looked through the window to see Takuya was undressing not realizing his window curtain was open. Shin was quick to close his but he didn’t know how long Yongseok had been in his room or if he had seen Shin kiss Takuya.
“Brother, you just met Takuya right? Why are you kissing him?” Yongseok asks. Shin’s eyes grow wide.
“SHIT!” Shin screams in his head.
“You want the truth?” Shin asked, Yongseok nods his head.
“I love him. I’m bisexual I like girls and boys, but at this moment Takuya is the one I’m attracted to, who I want to be with.” Shin explained. Shin looks at Yongseok waiting for his response.
“Oh okay, well whatever. It’s eww, but I’m not going to tell you how to live your life.” Yongseok.
“Don’t say anything to anyone. It needs to be a secret.” Shin explains. Yongseok nods his head.
“I understand.” Yongseok replies. Shin sighs in relief.
“What was wrong when you came home?” Shin asked.
“Oh, I was just frustrated with what happened at lunch, and Seyoung saying he would play as my boyfriend whenever I needed him. Like I’m really that desperate.” Yongseok replies.
“I’m going to bed night hyung.” Yongseok says as he leaves for his room. Shin falls on his bed and drifts off into sleep.
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