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Ch. 5
Shin rushed through getting ready, for breakfast he just grabbed a pieces of toast. Shin exited his house just as Takuya was exiting his. They look at each other; Takuya couldn’t help but laugh as Shin looked like a lost puppy with a piece of toast sticking out of his mouth.
“Breakfast of champions is it?” Takuya said as he points to the toast.
“I didn’t know if you had breakfast so I grabbed two just in case.” Shin said as he hands the second piece to Takuya.
“Thanks.” Takuya said with a smile. The boys walk to school silently, enjoying each other’s presence and the fall breeze. When they reached the school the boys were met with a hyper Casper.
“GUYS!” Casper jumps in between the two boys wrapping his arms across their shoulders. “Are you ready for today?” Casper stated. Shin looked at his friend confused.
“Why what’s going on?” Did I miss a meeting?” Shin asked. Casper shakes his head no.
“What I can’t be excited for no reason?” Casper asks while looking at Takuya and Shin. Takuya shrugged his shoulders and Shin looked at Casper knowing he had something up his sleeve.
The boys reach their class and take their seats. A teacher walks in, it’s not Mr. Choi but a female. Casper was smiling from ear to ear. He turns to look at Shin and smirks with a wink. Shin understood why Casper was in a good mood this morning.
“Stand, bow, sit down.” Jung Suk the class president said, the class obeyed like robots.
“Good morning class, I’m your new teacher Miss. Kim.” The teacher introduces herself. The class greets her.
Shin taps Casper’s shoulder and leans closer to him.
“How did you know we were having a new teacher today?” Shin asked. Casper smiled.
“I overheard the teachers discuss it yesterday. I saw her in the office meeting everyone as I was walking out and fell for her immediately.” Casper admits, then he turns his attention back to the teacher.
Shin sits back in his seat, he feels someone rubbing his back, a smile crosses his face. Shin pulls out a piece of paper and writes something down on it, he then passes it to Takuya.
Takuya makes sure the teacher isn’t looking so he can open the note. Once open Takuya reads it and a smile appears on his face.
“I need you phone number baby.” Shin wrote with a smiley face at the end. Takuya quickly writes down his response and hands it back to Shin. Shin opens it up immediately.
“Here’s my number.” Takuya replies and hands the note back to Shin. After Shin opens the note again he quickly pulls out his phone from his pocket and inputs the number into his phone.
“Takuya?” Shin tests out the number.
“Yes Shin.” Takuya replies
“Great, I want to ask you a question.” Shin hits send before finishing his comments.
“What’s the question?” Takuya replies.
“Let’s go on a date this weekend?” Shin asks with a smiley face emoji at the end. Takuya smiles.
“Sure, any place particular you’d like to go? I’m new here so I have no idea what’s fun to do.” Takuya replies.
“Don’t worry, baby I’ll take care of you, you’ll know Seoul inside and out before the weekend is over. Shin replied.
Finally, the day had ended, Casper was drooling over the new teacher and everyone noticed. Casper didn’t care when his friends picked on him about it.
“Well dudes, I’ll catch ya tomorrow, same time same place.” Casper said as he waved and winked at his friends.
“He’s a carefree spirit.” Seyoung said. Everyone agreed.
“SHIN!” Yongseok calls out, as he runs towards his step brother and his friends. As he’s running he trips and Seyoung catches him. Yongseok is frozen for a moment until he realizes who’s holding him and he remember his surroundings. What Yongseok didn’t expect was for his heart to speed up a bit. Seyoung had such a strong grip of Yongseok, he felt safe and secure. He’s never felt this with anyone. Yongseok stands straight up, bowing his head.
“Thanks.” Yongseok said, as Seyoung’s grip loosens. Seyoung smiles.
“No problem, any time.” Seyoung replies with a wink. Yongseok catches up with Shin and Takuya.
“Let’s walk home together.” Yongseok said as he stood between the two boys. Shin was annoyed, but Takuya didn’t mind at all. He wanted to get to know Shin’s step brother more.
As their walking down their street Yongseok starts to talk. “So I was wondering Takuya what is it about my brother you like?” Yongseok asked.
“He’s nice, he’s the first friend I’ve made since moving to Seoul.” Takuya explains, hoping this was enough to satisfy Yongseok.
“Ah, is it a tradition in Japan to kiss a guy?” Yongseok asks bluntly. Takuya looks at Shin for an answer.
“Apparently he was in my room last night and looked out my window to see us in your room.” Shin explains.
“I don’t have a problem with it, don’t get me wrong Takuya. I just want to make sure you don’t break his heart after all. He may be my step brother, but I consider him my real brother.” Yongseok explains. Knowing this brings a smile to Takuya’s face, he’s glad Shin has so many people who love him. It must be nice.
“Yes, I love your brother, I fell for him when I first saw him. I will protect his heart with my life.” Takuya replies to Yongseok’s question. That satisfied the dongsaeng. The boys make it home and Yongseok goes into the house first.
Shin walks Takuya to his door and as Takuya is about to open it. Shin grabs his shoulder to turn him around. Shin pushes Takuya to the door and plants a kiss on Takuya’s lips. They make out passionately on the doorstep.
Finally, after a few deep passionate kisses and serious groping Shin pulls away from Takuya.
“If I wasn’t able to touch you a little bit I was going to go crazy.” Shin confessed. Takuya chuckles.
“Me too,” Takuya replies.
“I’ll see you later. Maybe through the window.” Shin says with a smirk and sticks his tongue out. Takuya shakes his head.
“Pervert, go home.” Takuya replies. As Shin turns away to walk home, Takuya lightly hits Shin’s ass with a small kick. Making Shin turn around with the shocked face. Takuya smiles cutely at his boyfriend, which instantly makes Shin smile.
“I’m such an idiot for this boy.” Shin thought to himself as he waved again and then turned to run home.
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