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Who: Readerx Park Chanyeol What: Action/ Romance (Mature content) Some guest appearances by BTS and GOT7 Chapter 7 Story: In a post apocalyptic world, you lead a rescue mission to save your older brother Junmyeon from the clutches of Baekhyun the Light King. With the help of your commrads you lead a rebellion that will hopefully bring this tyrant King to his knees.
Yixing's POV It had been a few hours since she left me, it was probably night by now. I had been trying to think of ways to talk to her once she came back. As her guardian, it was completely inappropriate for me touch her the way I did or to think of her the way I do but after watching her for so long I guess it couldn't be helped that I fell in love with her. I heard rapid footsteps coming down the stairs and the door to my cell swung opened, I popped up thinking it was her but instead it was her brother Junmyeon and the one that had saved her, Chanyeol. "Come with us now." He said. "What's going on?" "It's Y/N." Junmyeon said. I quickly got up at the mention of her name and Junmyeon ran before me while Chanyeol ran behind me. I suppose to make sure that I didn't leave. I was too focused on what had happened to her though, they seemed in a panic. That explained the feeling I got a while back. I got the same feeling when she released the Phoenix the first time. I didn't make notice of it much because I wasn't taught that I had a connection with her on that level. It was possible that I did though, we were born on the same day of the same year from what the elders told me. That's how they knew I was her guardian, that's how they explained my mark. It only happened when she released the Phoenix though I didn't know why. We had finally reached an infirmary type place when I saw Junmyeon turn to one of the workers and say, "You, where's my sister?" The worker pointed to the back, I could hear a heart monitor beeping, the pace of her heart beat was racing. She was unconscious on the bed, a man with blonde hair sat in his chair watching her. His hands clasped and held up to his mouth, his legs restlessly bouncing; he was distressed. I was by Y/N's side in a second I went to go touch her but the heat her body was giving off was incredible. "What the hell happened to her?"I said upset. "I don't know we got attacked out there and she just lost it. That bird like flame came back, she collapsed afterwards like before, her wound has even healed but her temperature keeps rising." Chanyeol said. "Where's the one that can use frost get him in here now we have to move fast." Junmyeon ran out the door and called for one of the workers, "Tell Minseok to get his ass down here now." "What the hell are you going to do? Why can't you just heal her?" Chanyeol said. "Chanyeol I can barely even touch her, her body heat is rising because of something she did in the Phoenix state. She's rejecting everything that could help her right now." "Is that thing doing this to her?" I went silent, it was doing this to her. The Phoenix flame was in a state of confusion and the more she focused on revenge the more the Phoenix was coaxed into doing evil things. However, her love for the people around her kept her from using its power to the point where she burned everything around her. However she was getting closer to that point, "Hey, answer me." He said. "Chanyeol did Y/N do anything in her Phoenix state different from last time." "Other than setting two guys on fire?" "One of them was my friend." a voice behind me muttered. I turned to see the blonde still sitting his eyes locked on the ground but tears were on the brim of his eyes. I turned back to Chanyeol, "She set both of them on fire?" "Yeah." "At the same time?" "No she hit Mark first before she hit the other one." "Did she say anything when she did it?"I said trying to probe for answers. Chanyeol just shrugged not knowing what was going on. "Rise from the ashes." I turned back to the blonde one who had spoken, "She said rise from the ashes." he repeated. "Shit." I suddenly knew what was going on. Minseok and Junmyeon rushed in just as Y/N started reacting more. She was sweating but shivering at the same time. She looked half dead, a plant in the corner caught fire seconds later and I quickly instructed Junmyeon and Minseok on what to do. "Encase her in water, Minseok you're going to have to freeze her." "What that'll kill her." he said "She'll die if you don't. Don't worry she'll be fine just do as I say." I said. He nodded and we began. I wasn't going to lose her now. Baekhyun's POV "What the hell do you mean Luhan is dead?" I said slamming my hand on top of my desk. "She just lost it like on the roof, but she had targeted Luhan when he was trying to take care of Kyungsoo. She burned him alive sir." Jongin said. Based off the distress on his face, I could tell that he wasn't joking. If he had been it would've been a dangerous for him. I had picked up a glass and threw it at the wall. She was messing with me wasn't she, she went and killed one of my men! Stole the leverage that I had on the Kingdoms, enlisted the help of the Bear King and despite how much she pissed me off I still loved this toxic woman. However, I couldn't allow her to keep screwing up my plans. "Fine if we can't catch her we'll make her come to us." I said. "How sir?" he asked. "Go to the dark city, her rebels visit their often enough right? We'll send them to her with a message that she can't ignore." I wasn't going to continue letting her one up me like this. I'd finally have her back her with me and this time I'd make her tell me the truth, even if that meant I had to torture her to get it out of her. Once she was finally mine again, she wouldn't be a problem for me anymore and I could proceed with my plan to make the world bow down to me. "Send for Yugyuem he'll go there with you to bring her back." "As you wish my Lord." he said taking a quick bow and excusing himself. Y/N's POV I was in my room when I woke up, Chanyeol by my side like he was this morning. Once he saw me awake his lips crashed onto mine kissing me hard to the point it was getting hard to breathe. I had cooled down a lot more, I was actually freezing until he'd kissed me. My body began to heat back up a little as I felt his hand crawl up my shirt. I grabbed his hand to stop him but I continued to release moans in his mouth. My body shivering at his touch. "Chan not now." "Yes now, I need you." I couldn't even remember what happened before all of this. I didn't have time to remember either when I felt Chanyeol's hand slip down my pants and past my panties to rub me. I had let out a satisfied moan and bit my lip to keep my moans down. "It's okay baby, let them hear you." "Chanyeol cut it out." "Why when you like it so much?" Slowly a finger dipped inside me, a short pleased gasp left my lips and Chanyeol's tongue slipped inside my mouth. We locked lips kissing hard, my arm wrapped around his neck pulling him closer to my body; I needed him, we had come this far. My hips began to roll as he pushed another finger inside me. He chucked against my lips, "You like that?" "Mmhmm." I moaned. His mouth began to kiss me down my neck while his tongue left a cold wet trail. I went to grab his pants to take them off but he swatted my hand away, "Chanyeol." I whimpered. "It's alright babe, I'm right here." I thought he'd stuck a third finger inside me when I gasped and sat up... I was in the infirmary part of our base. Chanyeol was standing over me watchful, worry in his face. I looked around the room Minseok, Junmyeon, and Jackson were there. Yixing was standing next to me. "What?" I said confused. I was feeling slightly embarrassed considering the dream I was just having and everyone was standing around me. One of our nurses walked in and said, "I'm sorry to interrupt, Jackson Mark asked to see you." "What?" me, Jackson and Chanyeol said simultaneously. I looked to Jackson, he was looking at the nurse like she was crazy. "Mark is dead what kind joke are you playing?" he said upset. "Mark isn't dead." Yixing corrected. "Did you heal him?" I asked confused as well. He shook his head, "You tapped into the Phoenix's power again only this time you brought Mark back from the dead." "How?" Junmyeon asked. "The Phoenix flame is immortal, never dying only recreating a cycle. I suppose that she was under so much stress between losing a comrade and being attacked that she unconsciously allowed the Phoenix to use its ability to transfer one life to another. What was once dead now lives. Hence why she said 'rise from the ashes' Mark is indeed alive." Jackson got up out of his chair, a determined expression on his face that said he had to see it for himself to really believe it. "Do you believe me now Y/N?" I nodded, "So then why did she react that way?" Chanyeol asked. "Because she can't control it, it was a simple back fire on her physical condition. Y/N has trained with her own powers, the Phoenix flame is a separate connection and she didn't train with it at all. Her body can't handle the stress of an ability like that, it takes a lot of power to do; add that on to the fact that she can barely use her powers at free will now and you'd be just as amazed as I am that she even survived after using that ability." We were quiet for a moment, Yixing placed his hand on my head feeling for a temperature. He noticed that I had cooled down and pulled his hand back. The bed was wet and so were my clothes I figured Minseok and Junmyeon had something to do with it based off of how cool I felt. "Could you give us a moment alone." Yixing finally asked. They all were hesitant to go but I nodded to them and they slowly made their way out. Once he was sure they were gone Yixing spoke up and said, "This is what I meant by you being far more powerful than you realize." "Yes except it's not me." "Because you keep feeding the flame thoughts of revenge and hate Y/N of course it wouldn't be you, that's not the person you are. I keep telling you to admit your feelings for Baekhyun and you won't listen to me." "Why does everyone want me to admit that I love him?" "Because it's the only way to keep your humanity! The Phoenix attaches itself to a person and as they grow up it gets to learn who it's master is but like I said you didn't train with the Phoenix flame so right now, in your stubborn state, the Phoenix is confused. It doesn't know the difference between good and evil because of you. Your love for Baekhyun has made you hate him so deeply but the more you deny that you love him the more the Phoenix will feed off of your hate. It's the only way to keep you from losing yourself again." "All I have is hate Yixing and if that's all it can feed on then that's just how it'll be." He sighed annoyed by that answer, his face softened for a second and his voice got calm. "I was once told by my elders that there are two dogs fighting inside everyone. One good, one evil when I asked which one wins do you know what they said?" I shook my head no. "The one you feed."
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