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It's time to introduce the lovely ladies of Orange Caramel!

Orange Caramel is a three member, South Korean girl group under Pledis Entertainment. The group is a sub-unit from the girl group After School and contains After School members Raina, Lizzy, and Nana. Orange Caramel's style is Candy Culture, which involves a cute and colorful style. They debuted on June 16, 2010 with the song "Magic Girl," and their debut mini-album, The First Mini Album, was released on June 21, 2010. The album was a instead success, peaking at number two on the Gaon Chart, and "Magic Girl" peaking at number eighteen. The album was also released in Taiwan, containing the Mandarin version of "The Day You Went Away." Both versions of the album included Raina's solo, "Love Does Not Wait" (사랑을 미룰 순 없나요). On November 18, 2010, The Second Mini Album was released with the title track "A-ing." The music video had a 'fairy tale witches' concept. The second single released from the album, a solo by Raina titled "Not Yet..." (Korean: 아직...), peaked at No. 42. The album also includes the song "One Love" and a Korean version of "The Day You Went Away" (이곳에 서서).
On March 30, 2011, "Bangkok City" was released as part of the group's "One Asia" project. Orange Caramel continued the "One Asia" project with the release of "Shanghai Romance" on October 13, 2011, which it's lyrics were written by Super Junior's Heechul. A Japanese version of "Shanghai Romance" was later released as a bonus track on After School's debut Japanese album, "Playgirlz."
Orange Caramel then debuted in Japan on September 5, 2012 with a cover of the 70s pop group Candies song "My Sweet Devil." They then returned to Korea and released their first full length album, Lipstick, the following week on September 12, 2012 with the title track, "Lipstick." On October 23, 2012, Orange Caramel released a remix to the single "Lipstick," by DJs Vodge Dier and Hanmin. The group's first Japanese studio album, Orange Caramel, was released on March 13, 2013, which included past Japanese singles as well as Japanese versions of their Korean singles, and some new songs. On May 9, 2013, Orange Caramel released a collaboration with indie band 10cm. The single is a remake of 10cm's "Hug Me" (안아줘요) and is part of LOEN Entertainment's "Re;code" project. In July 2013, Orange Caramel released the book Youth Travel (청춘 여행), which contains short essays and photos of the group visiting Seoul and Jeonju.
Orange Caramel's third single, Catallena, was released on March 12, 2014. The song has a "Bollywood-inspired disco beat." The single peaked at No. 5 on Gaon's album chart and No.6 on the digital chart, and No.4 on Billboard's Kpop Hot 100. "Abing Abing" waz released on May 20, 2014. The single was used to promote Baskin Robbin's new line of ice cream bingsoo.
On August 18, Orange Caramel released their fourth single, "My Copycat" (나처럼 해봐요; Nacheoreom Haebwayo, lit. "Do it Like Me"). The music was based on "Where's Waldo? and lets you try to find Orange Caramel members as well as including scenes where you have to spot the differences between similar side-by-side shots. The video was produced by duo Digipedi, who also produced the videos for Catallena and Lipstick. A music video the B-side track "The Gangnam Avenue" (강남거리) was released on September 3. Later that month, the group released their first soundtrack single, "Tonight", for the television series It's Okay, That's Love.
Member: Raina, Nana, Lizzy

Raina (레이나)

Real Name: Oh Hye-rin (오혜린)
Birthday: May 7, 1989
Height: 166 cm
Position: Main Vocalist, Leader
Blood Type: B

Nana (나나)

Real Name: Im Jin-ah (임진아)
Birthday: September 14, 1991
Height: 171 cm
Position: Vocalist
Blood Type: A

Lizzy (리지)

Real Name: Park Soo-young (박수영)
Birthday: July 31, 1992
Height: 168 cm
Position: Vocalist
Blood Type: A

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I love Orange Caramel! Their dance videos are hilarious
they are so tall im only 160.5cm ㅠㅠ
I love lizzy!!
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