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today I wanted to talk to you guys about Fairy Tail chapters between 488 - 491. If you haven't read any of those chapters then I HIGHLY recommend you wait till you do since there will be SPOILERS. without further a due let's get started
So we all know that in Chap. 488 Gajeel was being pulled into a portal to where he would never return to his world where Levy is. My question for you guys is "Did you actually think Gajeel was dieing? "
for me I knew Gajeel wasn't going to die. I mean when has Hiro killed a Major character in Fairy Tail?
so question to you guys

"Did you think Gajeel was dieing?"

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I didn't think he'd die, maybe get lost to another dimension, and would be back somehow. But I'm sure he wouldn't die.
I really didn't think Gajeel would die! An awesome author doesn't just go off and kill one of the characters that has one of the biggest followings
@KarleyFrance @LittleAika right! If Hiro were to kill a Major character like Gajeel he would do it big and epic where everyone gets to see it other than just Lily and Levy
@AnimeNerdie Oh yes I definitely think so as well!
At first, I thought he was dead and I was crying my eyes out and I thought GaLe's ship will sink, but I'm glad he was brought back when Eileen casted One Universe, so now GaLe's ship will still continue to sail. I'm so happy 😊😊😊😊