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today I wanted to talk to you guys about Fairy Tail chapters between 488 - 491. If you haven't read any of those chapters then I HIGHLY recommend you wait till you do since there will be SPOILERS. without further a due let's get started
So we all know that in Chap. 488 Gajeel was being pulled into a portal to where he would never return to his world where Levy is. My question for you guys is "Did you actually think Gajeel was dieing? "
for me I knew Gajeel wasn't going to die. I mean when has Hiro killed a Major character in Fairy Tail?
so question to you guys

"Did you think Gajeel was dieing?"

I'm sooo Happy that he's not dead bc if he died right after GaLe was confirmed I'd be sooo mad!!
At first, I thought he was dead and I was crying my eyes out and I thought GaLe's ship will sink, but I'm glad he was brought back when Eileen casted One Universe, so now GaLe's ship will still continue to sail. I'm so happy 😊😊😊😊
@AnimeNerdie Oh yes I definitely think so as well!
@KarleyFrance @LittleAika right! If Hiro were to kill a Major character like Gajeel he would do it big and epic where everyone gets to see it other than just Lily and Levy
I really didn't think Gajeel would die! An awesome author doesn't just go off and kill one of the characters that has one of the biggest followings
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