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Hello there! @Tayunnie here and if you know anything about me you can assume that I've been squealing and fangirlin so hard about this news.
'Highlight' is BEAST's third full album (surprisingly only the third considering they've been around for 7 years but they've also released 8 mini albums satisfying the hearts of b2uties and many Japanese singles) consisting of many a special track. Much of the group actually participated in the album, whether it be composition, arrangement, or lyrics, each part has a member that has worked on it. But not only that, we are also given special songs - Junhyung, Yoseob, and Dongwoon have solo tracks and Doojoon and Gikwang have a duet track. 'Butterfly', which has already been released, is a ballad (that Junhyung sings in like yas). Please watch below!
Look forward to July 4th!!! Not only is it the comeback it's also Doojoon's birthday! So please send a lot of love to Beast and birthday wishes to Doojoon!!
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