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Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program Day 44 & Keto Diet
Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program: http://udskambulk.xyz It's week 6 and I'm still headed towards my goal of getting lean and shredded. This coming Monday is 4th of July so I'll have to make sure I don't binge eat. One thing I've noticed on the keto diet is that once I'm in ketosis, I am very aware of all the foods with carbs that can kick me out of ketosis and I try to avoid it like the plague. It could be just me, but I really like the feeling it gives me, all the energy without any crashing during the day or night. I don't feel tired or lethargic at all, despite not eating carbs. I guess ketones do really exist and make you feel great! Hope everybody has a wonderful week, let's get it!