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1. I'm a dancer 2. I love video games and anime 3. I wear glasses 4. I sing and do a little rapping 5. I act a lot like Solji from EXID 6. My favorite color is black 7. I live in Indiana 8. I love the show American Horror Story, plus scary movies 9. I love dogs 10. I don't really like cutesy stuff, or doing cutesy stuff 11. My 2 favorite groups are GOT7 and EXID 12. I have 4 siblings 13. I've been into kpop for about a year 14. My UB is JB 15. Whenever I need something to cheer me up I go to kpop!
So, I'm just gonna use my fan fiction tag list, and that doesn't have 20 people on it but, it'll work. @tiffany1922 @JaxomB @BlackJackXXX @Michelle305 @BetseyBleau @BrennaHarding @Jaysbae13 @Animezkpopgirl
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