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Reporter Taemi here! The never ending war between SM, Kris, Luhan, and Tao seems like it will never end right? SM will be pursuing legal action in China against the three former EXO members. SM has formally submitted 14 lawsuits to a Chinese court regarding the three individuals. SM Entertainment stated, “Until Korean courts make a ruling about Kris, Luhan, and Tao who have unilaterally filed suits, they are SM artists. Doing activities before the official ruling of a court is illegal. Following the recent lawsuit, we will be taking legal action continously in China as well". They continued, “China’s National Copyright Administration’s policy, China’s Publishing Association’s pledge, and the Korea and China Copyright Forum’s memorandum of understanding will protect the mind of abiding contracts in light of the important issues of intellectual property rights and contract minds that have been magnified since last year". Previously, Kris sought to nullify his contract with SM in May 2014, Luhan in October 2014, and Tao in April 2015.


I think this case needs to be put to rest. Most people say SM should just let Kris, Luhan, and Tao go; which they should. They are having a good life and they are happy with their solo careers. SM explains that the three former members are technically still apart of SM and it is illegal that they are doing activities. The question is Do you think SM will win or Kris, Luhan, or Tao? What do you think will happen? What is your opinion? Comment down below! *Photo does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners.

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Well it's all how you look at it. Yes Kris, Luhan, and Tao are doing much better out of SM and EXO, and it'd be great and noble for SM to just cut their losses but let's get real. SM is a company and they aren't going to do that. The boys as much as I love them were/are LEGALLY in the wrong. They didn't wait until their contracts were up/nullified to start their solo careers which means they were/are still legally bound to SM. Until a court decision that SM did in fact violate the terms of the three's contracts nullifying said contracts they still work for SM. Companies don't care about feelings or good intentions. They care about the company's bottom line and whether you broke the law while working for them. It sucks but I don't see them outright winning their cases against SM. I'm rooting for them though!
I agree with KellyOConnor and not only that this case could set a precedent for all current and future artists who may want to leave their company for whatever reasons. People are watching and the outcome could have a huge impact on the KPop industry, especially those who are from other countries. if contracts cannot be respected or hold accountable then why would anyone do business? I don't blame Luhan, Kris or Tao for leaving but still they signed the contract knowing what the consequences are unless there was subterfuge involved then that's different. if there was a way to save face or to negotiate something, then maybe there can be amicable parting.
These boys deserve better. What happened to them was illegal and cruel. SM needs to get on with their lives and plastic surgery a different artist or something.
Tao already lost a lawsuit against SM and Kris and Luhan are still working on theirs. SM needs to stop being so dang butt hurt and leave those 3 alone.
they need to let them life their lives respectively cause they already have it rough with anti fans and sasaengs as it is
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