**UPDATE: I HAVE NOTICED THAT ON THE BOTTOM IT SAYS RESET BRACKET AND OCCASIONALLY IT SAYS 'RESET BRACKET AND VOTE AGAIN' I know for sure if you hit the vote again one it'll let you vote again, but I can't seem to get it to pop up a lot. I have also been resetting the bracket with the other one but I am not sure if it is counting them over* After wasting my time, scrolling through my Vingle, I found a fellow Army made a card about the "Fanarmy face-off". This "face-off" isn't just for k-pop groups but does include a few of our beloved groups! Some of these groups include: SHINee (my #1 group!), BTS (my second fave), EXO, TVXQ, Block B, Apink, T-ara, Girls Generation, 2ne1, Beast, Bigbang, Super Junior, FtIsland, Twice, Infinite & Got7 (this one was hard...they put two groups or singers together and you can only chose to vote for one of them...and they put these amazing boys up against each other), and more! (if I forgot any!)
If you want to help these groups PLEASE GO HERE -> http://www.billboard.com/fan-army-bracket/ *To vote, you don't have to sign up or anything, and you don't have to vote for every section! (If you just want to vote for the k-pop groups, like I did, click on the link & scroll until you find the section with the k-pop groups~)
Currently T-ara is in 1st place & BTS is following them in 2nd place~ So, let's continue to gather fans and show these other fandoms what the k-pop family is all about! Who is up for it?!
Tagging a few people I know love k-pop: @VixenViVi @BBxGD @AimeeH @PrettieeEmm @kpopandkimchi @Helixx @tayunnie I wish I could spread this to more people, but those that I have tagged please help spread this to other fans! And anybody who I haven't tagged, please feel free to participate & spread this as well!
I voted FT Island, Shinee, and BTS....and Big Bang
<3 @KpopandKimchi @poojas @beckiboop1996 @caitlind9898 @RochelleDiamond @Miss148 @PassTheSuga @KpopGaby @Emealia @VIPforever123 @youngerb2 @netchtiBates @nykechun @carolinacastane @SHINee808 @sherrysahar @baileykayleen @GoddessofRebels @jannatd93 @JaxomB @StephyBAP @Foxxyjinxx @aliciasalinas @JustinaNguyen @jaywoveu @MichelleIbarra @9thMuse @ParkMeiFan @MorleeCorielus @VeronicaArtino @NatMarie @AimeeH @SubarsahiDAren @CrystalBlunt @CheyenneJessee @KwonOfAKind @AmbieB @B2utyrisa @JinsPrincess86 @MaryTowers @ErinGregory @AmariAlexander @ReddViolet @TessaMc96 @deilig @najalong1998 @frisky199123 @B2STANG88 @SherryMo @PorcelainHuang @tayunnie @namelessx @B1A4BTS5ever @LmJSuper @StephanieDuong @ShadowAngel87 @88Mina88 @RhyanaSimonds @heidichiesa @lamrotamrot @exokpop12385 @TMinusEleven @punkpandabear @solodaywithB1A4 @solodaywithB1A4 @xoxoaudra98 @KutieKiKi @warjeensuleiman @amazingangelini @anniechang1545 @Princess2328 @AmyChao @BlackXShield @AndreaHamilton @amandamuska @XergaB20 @FabiolaGavina @DulceZelaya @JessicaAdwoaAfr @merryjayne13 @DanieTate @AmberMaze @StefaniTre @AlexErica @zoila205 @KathyCrew @Dino21 @panouvang123 @kitkatkatybug @LizaNightshade @DenieceSuit @ElizabethT @PancakesRios @CassidySmith @amazingangelini @CourtneyNance16 @frisky199123 @Shay808 @AegyoBunny @JenniferJoseph @JahlaB @KDramaislife @Tigerlily84 @LeannePratt @SarahVanDorn @YaniceFlacka @britneyamanda @YaniceFlacka @SalesteBrazeau @persaudjamella @CleoHoney @StefaniTre @TesneemElAlami @BulletproofV @StarishaRichard @AlyssaGelet818 @SerenaArthurs @GilMaritsa @kelseymcneel42 @kelseymcneel42 @BrandyJones @amandamuska @LizHolder @DennieySnyder @BereniceMaqueda @MonAnnahiX @IsoldaPazo @LeannePratt @ErinGregory @Miss148 @CassidySmith
T-ara have an enormous fan base in China, which is possibly why they win this stuff so often
I of course voted for my SHINee boys ❤
I find it sad that one of the top 2 vote getters will be ousted in this first round....either BTS or TARA
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