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while I wait for the other videos to upload please enjoy...my favorite ZE:A member siwan....dabbing hahahaha I'm soo happy and still can't believe I not only got to see this man... but I met him.....got an autograph and held his hand.....i died....I'm still dead

Park BO Young

this was probably the best thing.....besides seeing btob and Seventeen up close and in the flesh .....this beautiful human here is one of my all time favorite actresses and she's just so perfect beyond words so when I found out she was gonna be a kcon I died inside and I got to see her so life is beyond complete

Klub kcon 17

video from klub kcon of my angel babies.....vernon seriously came with 0 chill....he is a child ....yet this kid looked soo beautiful....like can you not....and s.coups perfect beyond words....all of them....I mean it all of them killed me , I've loved them for awhile now but after kcon my love has sky rocketed they are too perfect for life


I love this group more than life knows .....especially ilhoon....but after seeing them in person ......Minhyuk my bias wrecker is sooo close to 1st he's really trying to kill me but I love the fact that sungjae was 100% done with everyone hahahaha thus why he's my spirit animal ...all of them are too much for life

Jre & Crew

excuse the fact that I'm a giant 감자...but this honestly was soo amazing.....met jre....kenny boy.....and salv......like what is life....and jre was not kidding when he said he was an awkward shy human....lucky for me we are both weird and shy...so it's okay hahaha but kenny looked sooo goood!!!!! ughhhh I miss them already

random selfies & Pics

first pic is seriously bae....he was too perfect ignore potato me again cls gorgeous twin doing @bbxgd lipstick me and the ramyun guy....who killed me than continued to kill me after the picture even made me lose the ramyun game.....he was too much ... got selfies with the lovely k beauty guys and danny! and shout out to the lovely 8mm guys

pt2 including videos and more pictures from the concert will be up probably tomorrow

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