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These are some kids from my grandmas daycare whom I recently got into KPOP+1!! Here are their descriptions!!
Name: Bailey Age: 10 Fav group: BTS UB: Jungkookie
Name: Vayden Age: 9 Fav group: BTS UB: Suga
Name: Saxton Age: 9 Fav group: BTS UB: Suga
Name: Liliana Age: 7 Fav group: can't choose UB: doesn't have one yet
Name: Dodge Age: 6 Fav Group: BTS UB: Jungkookie
WHOOOO! I'm so proud! I've known these kids forever and I recently got them into KPOP by having them watch the 'War Of Hormone' MV!!! We were talking about how I always lick my lips when they're dry or something and then I said, "I should introduce you to KPOP! The amount of times they lick their lips is ridiculous!" Then I showed them the 'War Of Hormone: Tongue Master' video and they asked to see the original video so I said yes. Then, they were hooked!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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@aliendestina @sarahdarwish If you wanna be tagged in my cards lemme know in the comments!!❤️ Saranghae~!❤️ ✌️
Bringing them to the dark side while still young mwa ha ha ha lol.
Aww they're so cute!
@FalseLove yea lol😂 @mrsyookihyun lucky lol I just got into it in february
Awe! They're so cute!!! Suga and Kookie seem to be favorites 😂😂
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