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My lady for Atlantis Mera that who is alongside Arthur of the king of Atlantis. Let's give her some shine DC here in the community!
Mera is the former Queen of Dimension Aqua (Xebel), Queen of Atlantis, and wife of DC Comics superhero Aquaman. Mera also has a twin sister named Hila. The New 52, the 2011 relaunch and retcon of DC Comics' entire superhero line, a greatly disillusioned Aquaman, distressed by the rejection faced from his fellow Atlanteans and his poor standing as a superhero, often ridiculed because of his shortcomings and less than glamorous superpowers, decides to return to Amnesty Bay. Mera follows him, helping her husband try to find a new place in the world, despite being saddled from the same ill reputation as the almost useless "Aquawoman".[33] It is shown that Mera has difficulty adjusting to society on the outside world and severe problems controlling her anger. She also aids Arthur and The Others in trying to uncover the mystery behind the sinking of Atlantis and fights against Black Manta, who tries to obtain the ancient artifacts of Atlantis.
A nice random fact about Mera is that she was a Red Lantern!... She had her side of rage worst than her husband of Atlantis! Amy fun facts you want to leave about Mera, jot it in the comment section.
a badass women :) i like that
What is this from, throne of Atlantis ?