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Hello Everyone! It's been a while since I've actually made stories. I have gone on a little hiatus as I lost my inspiration on writing stories. Slowly though, I am getting that inspiration back!

I am here to announce a new series I've been working on.

"In A Relationship With BTS"

Now, these stories will be with two different groups. BTS & I'm still trying to figure out what other group I should do! (Help Me Out With This! T.T)
These stories are unique as they each have a different setting from each other. The female characters each represent a part of me, or someone very close to me. Some even show scenes that have happened in real life. In other words, some scenes are personal. Collections will be made for each story. (In total it will be 7 new collections until I figure out what other group I should do.) Now, these stories may be updated all at once, I'm still not sure how and when I'm going to post. What will be posted though will be the prologue/ introduction to the story. I have 3 Prologues made, so those will be posted soon.
In these stories, characters will be able to interact with other characters from other stories. For example, the female lead for Namjoon might interact with the female lead of Jimin's story. I don't know if I confused you haha! WARNING In some stories, there will be triggering events. I will notify you all when there is a certain scene that might cause discomfort. One more thing! I've seen a 'In a relationship with..' Story being made. I have not read anything from that writer, nor will I have plagiarized. If you have a problem with what the series is called... well that's not my problem. (:


{This card will be updated!}

Bug! Your writing! my sweet bug, you need to keep me posted. add me to your list. I can't wait to read what you come up next. Im following all of them!
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