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If you don't know the members, I thought I'd make it super simple to know them with a crash course. I'll describe each member in 3 sentences and 3 adjectives!

In each block, a link to a more informative profile is listed as well!

Zhou Yixuan:

He's the Chinese leader, the eldest, and the bass rapper. He's taken it upon himself to be the mom of the group, and a doting one at that. He almost literally never stops smiling; even when members give him a hard time.

3 adjectives:

Caring, forgiving, cheerful

Kim Sungjoo:

He's the Korean leader and the main vocalist. He's the eldest visual and is highly aware of it. He's extremely goofy despite his polished looks; however, he's usually fairly mature.

3 adjectives:

Modelesque, supportive, competitive

Li Wenhan:

He's the incredibly 4D member, as well as the main vocalist. We don't know what goes on in his head that makes him say or do the things he does. At times, he can be very blunt and not very nice with the things he says, but we love him.

3 adjectives:

Clueless, Adonis, original

Cho Seungyoun:

He's the fake maknae, a rapper, and a lyricist. He loves to write and compose music, like EOEO, and takes it very seriously. He's extremely upbeat and optimistic, using criticisms as encouragement to improve.

3 adjectives:

Troublesome, youthful, determined

Wang Yibo:

He's the maknae, main dancer, and a rapper. His passion is dance and he loves being a visual. He attempts to be mature and aloof; but many times he's the opposite and acts strange and immature.

3 adjectives:

Chic, creative, tenacious

What do you guys think? Did you learn something about UNIQ that you didn't know yet? Are you interested in learning more? If you want a more in depth look at them go click on the word "Profile" in each block to read their profiles!

The UNIQ group profile is here
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@MadAndrea i know they're not under YG.. Their company is like a partner company with YG.. Uniq was explaining it On V app.. Or maybe I watched them on YouTube and they were explaining and talking about the hardships they had before debuting.. I wished they did do more in Korea that way I could see more of them speaking Korean.. Because I can speak nor understand Mandarin.. It would but nice to see them on a lot of variety shows like running man or dream team..
@awkwardlove23 news to me I suppose. on the wiki it's private and only partners with Starship and one other. but it could be wrong. dunno. But yeah, I wish they had a bigger fan base in general. I can't really grow the Korean fan base but I can try to grow the International by at least a few lol
@MadAndrea LOL yea I like my men weird, unique(pun intended), and different!!! For some reason it makes them 100x hotter...
@MadAndrea Also you have a new American fan right here!!! Yayayayayayayaya!!!
@MadAndrea ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜šI love my Mads!!!