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Jungkook's bday project
follow my tumblr account if you want to participate in Jungkook's bday project! xXhobiXx is my tumblr
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lol @MadAndrea don't forget the jeans and tan boots lol I started following I'm so ready for this!
a year ago·Reply
@SarahVanDorn yep, some big old timberland boots. I want some of those anyway honestly. I miss my old ones haha
a year ago·Reply
@madandrea @aaliyahnewbell @sarahvandorn yes! exactly tho it doesn't have to be white just a oversized t shirt ^^ but i will update with more info on how i want this to work ^^
a year ago·Reply
@xXBTSHobiXx Oh and @MadAndrea the beanie lol...oh I'm so excited for this lol
a year ago·Reply