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I believe it's about time I've introduced you guys to probably one of the best stories in the "MADE program Book"
"We had to keep working but all the food was greasy. I couldn't keep eating the food to stay healthy during the shooting. I'd eat a banana whenever I feel hungry so I asked Gyeongrae to get me a banana from the food truck. He's my personal manager and I really like him. "Get me a banana please" I said, but he understood "Grill me a banana" He is not good at English and he actually grilled me a banana because he thought I asked him to. I was surprised. Where did he grill the banana? He didn't even speak English well ! I was sensitive as I was hungry so I complained about the grilled banana at first , but later I found it so thankful. I even found that grilled banana was a luxurious food. I really enjoyed the grilled banana that day"
Hmm....grilled banana ?? Would you try this luxurious food? Let me it a "No" or "Go" in your opinion? (I'd try anything once lol XD sign me up)
Taeyangs manager Gyeongrae found a grilled meat restaurant and got the banana grilled with body language. He certainly is the manga of Taeyang who's well known for his perfectionism. He really was a professional. All the staff there complimented Gyeongrae saying "He would do anything Taeyang asked him to"

Taeyangs manager is just a true MVP ~~

Grilled bananas are delicious actually 😍😍😍👌
I don't think I would try it but I do love bananas