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*intense screaming* Woo... it's been a while guys! I thought since it's summer I would be more on here.....*sad music* Sadly, there's no wifi at home and I could only use it at the library....... So it's been like three weeks without wifi....I honestly don't know how I survived... I can't promise I will be on more but I still love you all!!!! Then....I've been working for these last first babysitting job!! It's a ten year old boy and he is the sweetest thing in the world!!! He' very well it's my sisters and I who are in charge of him *shrugs* still rather not do this because I learned I'm not the best with kids....then again it's because I am super introverted.....
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its great to hear from you. you've been missed. Take care of yourself. love ya too. ☺