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(I have not worked on a cover yet whoops!) People said that getting help in a rehab would be for the best. That it would help one cope with what they're going through, that maybe, just maybe They would turn out okay. They’d go back to the way their lives were before complete terror took over. But what happened to those that wouldn't get better? Where would they go when their cells became too crowded? Were they transferred to another rehab facility? No one knew what would happen, only that the screams at Midnight would go unheard by the whole place. This is Escaping Rehab. “What would you like me to do with her, Sir?” Wonho asked timidly. He looked back at the girl sleeping on the chair. Her hands and legs binded to the chair. It was a miracle that they finally managed to get the sleeping substance into her system. Wonho looked back at the main doctor, Jackson, his eyes showing complete hate, but he didn't say anything. “Her illness will get the better of her and she'll attack anyone near her. However, she does seem to trust you. Therefore, you're the only suitable to put her down.” Wonho clenched his fists. “Sir, I can't and won't do that. I'm tired of doing all this dirty work for you.” Wonho turned around and opened the door, “Dr. Wonho, you have as much part in this as I do. You can't leave this facility after all the killings you have done. Why go soft on a girl who could possibly hurt you when she wakes up? Don't tell me you've fallen for this wretched being?” Jackson smiled tauntingly at the infuriating Wonho. His smile grew wider as Wonho said nothing. “Come back here and finish the job. Her time is over.” Jackson walked out, leaving Wonho and the sleeping patient alone. Wonho sighed heavily. He hated doing this. Taking people's lives just to make more space for incoming people. He walked in front of SooMin. Her sleeping face enchanted him, and for a moment, he felt his heart go warm at the sight of her. However, it quickly escaped when he remembered what he was to do. End her life. He walked over to the syrems placed next to the injections. He got the injection ready and walked over to the sleeping figure. Finding the vein on her forearm, he brought the poison to her skin. He took a deep breath and slowly inserted the liquid into her body. SooMin’s body reacted, and she opened her eyes. Bloodshed eyes looked at Wonho. Seeing her killer was none other than her only friend, millions of thoughts ran through her mind in a mere of a few seconds. Wonho not expecting this, flinched. The betrayal seeping out from him, as he stared back at her. “I'm sorry, I'm sorry…” he kept repeating to himself. SooMin smiled slighlty, “Thank you… For every..thing. And… For.. You're true… colors…” SooMin's body coughed once more before she completely stopped moving. Wonho cried out as he reached out for her. His hands skimmed over her face, nimbly fingers touching her features. He didn't want this to happen. She deserved to live; She didn't have to die! But of course, no one in this place cares about their patients. It was his mistake to get closer to her. Who knows now? What will the future bring? "Dr. Wonho," the nurse, Taeyun, came in. Wonho looked at Taeyun, the nurse that actually cared for her patients. "It is time, sir. Dr. Wang needs your assistance at the main office." Wonho looked at SooMin and then back at Taeyun. "What does that man need me for?" Wonho said through gritted teeth. "Rooms and cells need to be talked over," she said. When Wonho gave no reply, she bowed her head and walked out. Rooms need to be talked over? That could only mean one thing: New people are coming.
WHOA. That was scary good.
YAY! Can you please tag me so I can keep track easily of the story? I love it so far and can't wait for more :D
@DasiaB I'll tag you!
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