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I know I said I would have this on the 26th, but things came up but here is the next chapter!
Y/n Pov “ Good luck tonight guys! I will be routing for you with all my heart.” I smiled towards the six boys getting ready to perform for the last episode of W.i.n. “ You guys will be the best.” I winked towards them making them laugh. “ What are you doing with your face?” Bobby joked while Hanbin couldn't help but laugh. It has been five months since I had a nightmare they kept their word, and made sure one of them was always able to sing me to sleep. Also during these past five months Bobby and Hanbin started to me again it was still awkward though. “ It's called winking idiot.” I pouted making the others laugh at my childish actions. “ Well it was cute whatever it was Noona.” Donghyuk smiled as the others eyes grew from the shock. “ I question your taste Donghyuk.” June laughed trying to distract the others from saying something. “ Hey what are you implying June I swear the two I consider brothers act so different. Donghyuk always shows he cares, While You always poke fun at me!” I pouted once again as Yoyo mocked hurt. “ Am I not your brother?” He pretended to faint onto Hanbin with a smile. “ Shut up idiot they are my baby brothers okay.” I laughed just as someone walked into the room letting them know it was time to get ready. “ Go knock them dead boys.” I cheered as we said our goodbyes before running to the living room where Bobby's family waited so we could watch the show live. “ Mom look look there they are!!” I yelled as we both started jumping up and down from excitement. “ Awe he is growing up so well.” His mom smiled as tears started to form in her eyes as we listened to Bobby sing. “ Mom I made it to the stage. I love you. I miss you!” Bobby yelled after the song ended as tears fell down his face. “ My baby.” Was all she managed to say before she started crying once again. What happened next no one could of predicted as they announced the winner. “ The winner is... Team A!” Daesung said as my heart broke watching how quickly my friends ran to comfort the winning team. “ Mom don't cry this isn't the end our boys will be back on the stage before we know it.” I tried to comfort her as tears started to fall from my eyes as well. I wasn't able to sleep that night as I silently waited for one of the boys to contact me, but no matter how long a waited they didn't call. Finally after waiting hours I broke down and called Donghyuk he always answered no matter what. “ Noona?” He said hoarsely as if he had been doing nothing, but crying as I saw how blood shot his eyes were. “ Oh my Donghyuk I am so sorry.” I gasped as he tried to smile as if to brush off my worry. “ It's fine Noona we haven't given up. It's just you know we worked so hard.” He sighed just as his door opened slightly. “ Hey Donghyuk you still coming with us to get ice cream?” Bobby said without paying much attention as Donghyuk only nodded without saying anything. Just like that Bobby as gone again without a second glance. “ Have you all been like that?” I said as my worry greatly grew unable to keep it in any longer. “ No we just got home when you called I was looking for something in my room, but I was heading out when you called so Bobby came to check and see what was taking so long.” He smiled once again trying to calm my nerves. “ But I don't want to make them wait to long so I will call you later okay Noona?” He smiled sadly as we said our goodbyes leaving me even more worried than before. Bobby's Pov “ You sure you have everything now?” Jinhwan asked for the millionth time as we stood in the air port. “ Yes Hyung I have everything I will only be gone for two weeks anyway.” I laughed at how worried he was only making him slap my arm. “ Make sure you stay safe it's been a long time since you have been to the states.” Jinhwan sighed pulling him into a hug before I had to board the plane. After we lost Yg called me to his office saying he wanted to give us a small vacation to spend time with our family. Next thing I knew he handed me plane tickets saying to go pack and enjoy my time in America. I couldn't believe it at first as I just stood their shocked, but was soon completely overwhelmed with joy as I ran the entire way back to the dorm. Now here I was sitting on the plane headed home for the first time in years before it hit me. Y/n is staying with my parents, and I was going to my parents for two weeks. How had the thought never crossed me not only was I going to see my family I get to see her too. My heart felt like it was about to beat right out of my chest from excitement as we got closer by the second. Y/n Pov “ Mom we are going to be late for Church have you seen my blue shoes?” I said knocking on her door as she quickly opens it. “ Is it already that late my goodness, and I think they were near the door.” She said rushing to make sure the others were ready. “ Thank you Mom I didn't see them they were under Oppa's shoes.” I laughed quickly slipping on my shoes as everyone quickly came rushing out heading towards the shoes. “ You act like I did it on purpose idiot.” He laughed flicking me on the forehead. “ I don't have to act I know you did idiot.” I laughed sticking out my tongue running towards the car before he could mess up my hair. “ You kids never grow up do you the only difference is Bobby isn't here to go off on you for picking on her.” His mom laughed as she playfully pushed his arm. “ Hey guys I just remembered something I will meet up with you at Church.” He smirked clearly hiding something because bobby used to get the same look in his eyes. “ Okay honey we will see you there, but try not to take too long or you will miss it.” Mom smiled as he laughed. “ Mom it doesn't start for another hour you just want to go talk to everyone before it starts.” He shook his head watching as we pulled out of the drive way. “ I wonder what he has up his sleeve Mom.” I said with a smile I had grown so used calling her Mom it felt weird to call her anything else. “ He definitely has something planned.” She smiled shaking her head as we tried to guess what he was doing. No matter how much we guessed we would of never been able to come up with what he had planned. “ Finally Oppa it's about time you got....” I started as soon as I saw him walk in the door of the Church, but quickly my voice was gone as I noticed who was standing behind him as I quickly got his mom's attention. “ It can't be.” She cried as he quickly flew into her arms with a small smile. “ I knew you were up to something Oppa!” I smiled as he came over to stand by me as we watch Bobby greet everyone. “ I am an Angel my dear sister.” He smiled as he propped his arm on my shoulder as Bobby finally made his way towards us. “ So was Lucifer oppa.” I laughed pushing him off of me as I ran towards Bobby throwing my arms around his neck as his hands went to my waist pulling me close. “ Y/n.” Was all he said as he hid his face in my shoulder as tears formed in my eyes. “ You idiot.” I managed to say as I lightly hit him as he laughed. I'm not sure how long we stayed like that before we pulled apart. “ Why didn't you or one of the guys tell me you were coming idiot!” I laughed as he made that oh well face. “ It was a surprise.” He smiled looking towards his brother with a wink. “ What are you doing to your face?” I laughed recalling how he made fun of my wink last time. “ I am only copying you.” He laughed as I playfully pushed him just as we were told to sit down so they could start the service. Bobby's Pov “ So where am I sleeping?” I asked looking towards my mom in the front seat of the car. “ Your room where else would you sleep?” She said confused as she looked towards the both of us in the back seat as it hit here. “ Oh you mean because that's where Y/n is sleeping?” She laughed as if it was nothing before she continued. “ You two have been sleeping in the same room since you were in diaper. You both will be fine sharing the room.” She said with a smile as we both looked towards each other shocked. “ Mom he isn't sleeping in the same room as me.” Y/n said with a small panic as she avoided eye contact. “ Dear they are both adults now you can't expect them to share a room like they used to.” Dad said with a small sigh looking towards his wife. “ Why not we are all family here anyway.” She tried to say, but quickly gave up and agreed to have Bobby stay in his brothers room. Y/n Pov “ Hey idiot did you call the guys to let them know you made it?” I asked walking into the room Bobby was staying in without knocking. “ No I haven't yet you want to call them with me?” He offered pulling out his phone as I tried to back out of the room. The key word being tried to as he quickly pulled me into his arms as he quickly called Jinhwan before I could make a run for it. “ We have been worried you were supposed to let us know you made it.. Wait Y/n?” Jinhwan was ranting until his eyes landed on mine. “ Surprise.” I said awkwardly with a smile as everyone on the other end looked towards us confused except Donghyuk. “ Y/n why are you with Bobby?” June asked clearly confused as the others asked the same. “ Ohh I guess I never told you guys I was staying at Bobby's family house.” I said rubbing my neck avoiding eye contact as everyone on the other end erupted all except Donghyuk. “ Wait Donghyuk you lived with her before moving here so you knew, but didn't tell us?” Yoyo said looking clearly upset as he looked towards Donghyuk. “ At first I didn't want you guys to know especially this idiot.” I laughed pointing towards Bobby as he looked towards me with mock hurt. Hanbin's Pov. “ Bobby should of made it by now why hasn't he called?” I asked myself while walking past the room the others were in just as I heard June ask a question that made my heart break more if that was possible. “ Y/n why are you with Bobby?” Just at the sound of her voice my heart hurt I know we had been talking as friends again, but I still longed to be next to her. Now Bobby was going to be spending the next two weeks with her in America who knew what would happen. Before I knew what I was doing I was already out the door and down the street. I didn't know where I was going I just knew I couldn't be in that place any longer. Bobby's Pov Unable to sleep I silently crept out of the bedroom with one destination in mind as I softly knocked on the door. “ Yeah Dong dong I will call you tomorrow goodnight.” I heard her laugh as she slowly made her way to the door. “ Bobby what's wrong it's the middle of the night?” She asked tilting her head towards the side as if it made her see better. “ Nothing just the time change messed up my schedule so I can't sleep and wanted to know if we could talk?” I asked maybe a little to hopeful, and scared that she would turn me down. “ I guess I mean it is your room anyway.” She laughed moving so I could walk into the room as she closed the door behind me. “ So how is school?” I lamely started as I mentally beat myself up. “ It's alright I guess I graduate in a few months so there is that.” She tried not to laugh at how lame I was as she honestly answered each question I asked. “ Why did you come to America?” I finally asked what had been on my mind from the start, and it wasn't like I didn't already know I just wanted to hear her say it. “ I wanted to come see you.” She said bluntly as her face turned three shades of scarlet. “ Idiot.” I laughed as her eyes flew to mine in the blink of an eye. “ Why does that make me an Idiot I missed you Jiwon.” She pouted as I slowly made my way towards her. “ I missed you too idiot why do you think I worked so hard to be able to come back to Korea? But when I finally come back you were already with Hanbin so there was no way I could show myself in front of you. I missed you so much Y/n.” I poured my heart out as I was finally standing right in front of her staring into her eyes as neither of us could look away. “ Bobby you are an idiot.” She laughed not needed anymore words than that. Before I knew what I was doing my face was inches away from hers as our eyes unmoving still looked into each others. “ You can stop me if you want.” I said right before closing the distance between us as her arms instantly went around my neck pulling me closer. “ Idiot.” She whispered against my lips with a smile the rest of the night we spent laying in the bed talking about everything we had missed over the years. With the occasional kiss that is, but it never went past that. Next thing I knew I was singing as she fell asleep while laid curled up into my side with my arms around her. “ Good night beautiful.” I smiled as I softly kissed her forehead as I slowly started to drift off along with her. The only thought running through my head was how I never wanted this night to end.
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