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A few sasaeng fans of Xi Luhan kept on following him in a taxi. Luhan asked them to leave but the cab driver said he wouldn't leave. The fans were crying in the back after Luhan ran after the cab that was driving away. When the car stopped after the fans started crying and asked the driver to stop, Luhan took a picture of the plate number and knocked on the drivers window. It was then Luhan got mad. Luhan's film crew(?) had to pull him back. Leave him alone guys. Luhan needs his privacy.
Dude that's just crazy. It shouldn't have even had to get that far as to Luhan chasing after them and fuming to the driver. It doesn't matter who you are, you're popularity or your status, it should never get to a point like this. Honestly, Luhan looked pretty stressed about the entire thing.
Poor guy!! He must have been stressed and tired, now the sasaengs would follow him. Making him lose his temper and snap at them. Of course they would be crying but what did they expect? Him to warmly welcome them to stalk him!?
@CLAKPOP poor baby. He only wants his privacy. :/ he has a reason to be mad beause they were harassing him by invading his privacy.