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Otaku Collection
A little late on my spring cleaning and decided to remodel a few things in my room. This then led me to this. I figured I'd set aside some space for all my anime/manga/jrpg stuff. (Mind the Toothless piggybank)
Went a tad bit ham back when Sword Art Online was my favorite anime via crystal art and chibis but I still cherish them. The pokemon I had since I was a child and the rings came in for my Hitman Reborn cosplay. My favorite part about this are the Princess Mononoke kodama that I hand made because they glow in the dark. Aside from that I have some anime films and manga that I keep elsewhere, but I'd love to hear/see what my fellow otakus have passion for~
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+1 for princess Mononoke
a year ago·Reply
@GuacheSuede my personal favorite Miyazaki film
a year ago·Reply
@Imagide Same, spirited away is a close second though
a year ago·Reply
I have that Toothless piggy bank too! (:
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