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Hello Everyone!

Reporter Taemi here! Our Dongwoo, better known as CNU from B1A4, is not only a great artist, but he is a kind hearted person! Definitely when it comes to his BANAs!
A couple months ago, a B1A4-dedicated Instagram account shared a post with an adorable message to B1A4. The said message read, "I always think about it. Will I be able to meet B1A4? My dream is to meet them and tell them how much I love them and hug them. B1A4 oppas~my heros. Sometimes I give up on my dream but I know. I believe. That I exist for B1A4, that I'm a BANA. I really realllyyy love [B1A4] oppas." How cute and touching right? This fan is so dedicated and loyal to B1A4. The love is real :) B1A4's CNU actually responded back! This message touched CNU's heart so much that he personally left a comment on the post! He wrote, "You don't need to say it because I already feel your love. I also love you a lot." Omg how amazing! That fan is so lucky! I'm so happy for her though :) I would feel so honored too. CNU is indeed a sweetheart, all of B1A4 is a sweetheart!

Isn't that amazing?! What do you guys think about this? Comment down below! Annyeong!


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Reporter @parktaemi

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Awww how cute!! 😄
a year ago·Reply
That's one of the best things about kpop - the relationship between the groups and their fans! 💖
a year ago·Reply
I thought it was cute when I saw that. He's such a sweet guy
a year ago·Reply
That is so sweet!! I hope she does get to meet him!!
a year ago·Reply
Omo that's the cutest, most sweetest thing ever!! 😱❤️ CNU my bias, that's why he my bias, but I love him even more now. I wish idols could comment on my post but that was a fan page so he won't actually comment to an actual fans account right?
a year ago·Reply