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Hello Everyone!

Reporter Taemi here! Our Dongwoo, better known as CNU from B1A4, is not only a great artist, but he is a kind hearted person! Definitely when it comes to his BANAs!
A couple months ago, a B1A4-dedicated Instagram account shared a post with an adorable message to B1A4. The said message read, "I always think about it. Will I be able to meet B1A4? My dream is to meet them and tell them how much I love them and hug them. B1A4 oppas~my heros. Sometimes I give up on my dream but I know. I believe. That I exist for B1A4, that I'm a BANA. I really realllyyy love [B1A4] oppas." How cute and touching right? This fan is so dedicated and loyal to B1A4. The love is real :) B1A4's CNU actually responded back! This message touched CNU's heart so much that he personally left a comment on the post! He wrote, "You don't need to say it because I already feel your love. I also love you a lot." Omg how amazing! That fan is so lucky! I'm so happy for her though :) I would feel so honored too. CNU is indeed a sweetheart, all of B1A4 is a sweetheart!

Isn't that amazing?! What do you guys think about this? Comment down below! Annyeong!


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That is so sweet!! I hope she does get to meet him!!
I thought it was cute when I saw that. He's such a sweet guy
That's one of the best things about kpop - the relationship between the groups and their fans! 馃挅
Awww how cute!! 馃槃
Omo that's the cutest, most sweetest thing ever!! 馃槺鉂わ笍 CNU my bias, that's why he my bias, but I love him even more now. I wish idols could comment on my post but that was a fan page so he won't actually comment to an actual fans account right?