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When is it ok the boob touch ladies?
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@AimeBolanos, *sometimes* "light brushing" can actually be more electric than wrestling... (but I say why limit oneself) 馃槈
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frankly it depends on the relationship and the girl. ask her if its ok. and be gentle they can be super painful. dont be upset if she says no. she prob just not that confortable or she as mentioned sore.
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@Nueoc Oh my gosh, I can't believe that hasn't been brought up yet by someone... um... "size & sensitivity"... I let you ladies handle that part of the discussion, but in my experience there's a *huge* difference with attitudes/sensitivity about them.
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But from my observations, the smaller they are the more sensitive they are about anything to do with them, and the larger they are the more they're just "used to them being in the way".... But we really should help the OP with his Q... All I can say is, if she's pregnant/nursing, don't get near them if your not an infant or don't need testicles... 馃槀
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