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So, I'm not sure if you have seen the 4th episode of Topp Dogg All Kill but they are having a contest and the winners receive something from a member. Well I'm not sure if some of you have done it but I would like to show you how I entered, that way you guys can have a chance at winning too 😊
So what I did was I went on my Line (the app shown above) and went to Soompi's home page, from there I scroll down to find the Information about the contest and click it.
After I just scroll down to enter the contest for which ever member I want. I don't know if you guys know this already but if you haven't done it you should, I mean you never know πŸ€”and it never hurts to try. The contest ends the 4th of July and you could enter each day. I've been meaning to make this card for a while but I've been forgetting so please forgive me πŸ˜… Also I'm sorry if this is confusing, I'm not the best at explaining πŸ˜… Best of Luck to everyone 😊
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I entered for P-Goon's handcream cuz it had the least entries... I think Yano's was the 2nd least entries last time I entered
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