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Jennie, Rose, Lisa, and and Jisoo will make YG's newest girl group: BLACK PINK.

It's not confirmed when they will drop their first single, nor who is the leader but we can definitely expect something awesome :)
Thanks @KpopMilira for sounding the alarm :D
Tagging mis amigos ^^
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For some reason all I can think of right now is Mushu at the end of Mulan "I am ready baby!" XD
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Thank goodness is not pink punk. Thats literally the stupidest name ever lol. TBH.... Im going to give her a chance, but I kinda hate Jennie Kim.... She used to live in New Zealand and a girl from her school(who had the yearbook as proof) said that Jennie and her friends would bully her, even throw trash at her. Heehhhh.... I was bullied ruthlessly growing up so I'm not too fond of jerks. But hey, maybe she changed. Maybe she was also bullied. Im going to give her a chance at least =)
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i cant wait 😱
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They're so pretty! I feel like a potato and they're practically the same age as me??? They look badass honestly
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In the second photo with the two girls standing and the other two sitting, I think the one standing to the right is gonna be the leader 0_o
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