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@KaeliShearer he's being investigated for allegedly earning over 200 million won ($175,000) from buying stocks in FNC Entertainment after learning about the company's plans to sign a contract with a major celebrity and he is suspected of stock trading. The article makes a lot more sense....
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@CLAKPOP ohhhh ok I will read once my wifi gets better
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I hope he didn't do such thing....I know he's smart but I don't think he could do something like that. I don't think he would be that greedy for money but then, I don't know him well so I can't really sya anything. I'm just hoping someone is just hiding and he's getting blamed for it.
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It's just wait and see. I'm hoping this isn't true and that's he's just caught up in things. If it is true, then CN BLUE will be no more. I read the sentence is 10 yrs in prison....yikes!
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I hope he didn't do it either, but you never. Know my heart still hurts.
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