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f*ck this sh!t I'm out hm hm *jumps through the window* *breaks a leg* dang it. *tries to crawl* *gives up* you know what, hell can't be worse than this *screams* YUNOOOOOOO I F*CKED YOUR BOYFRIEND!!! *gasp* what did I do??!!! *Yuno jumps from the window and begins to run* sh!t sh!t sh!t SH!T!!!!!!!! *tries to crawl and fails* *Yuno is in back of me* Yuno: DIE!!!!!! *screams* nooooooooooo *gets stap 69 time* *coughs blood* *whispers* he s*cks in bed *Yuno cuts my head with a knife* *dies* THE END!!!!!!
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-.- is this supposed to scare me or something... A class full of yanderes... Meh I've been through worse *stares blankly out window*
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"Uh, sensei? I think I saw someone hitting on your bf." "WHAT!?" *Yuno pulls out knife and runs out of classroom* *Jumps out window and runs away, probably still going to die*
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welcome to hell
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Hello, class and welcome to How to be a crazy b**** 101
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