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I wish I was one of those people who were good at keeping their headphones neatly wrapped around something, but alas, I experience this struggle almost every single day.

Does this ever happen to you too?

@YumiMiyazaki I know. I buy earbuds like other girls buy nail polish lol.
Yes. Every single hour of every single day. It's frustrating as heck and I just...can't anymore馃槩 I mean, it's tangled up right now. It has no concern for me, no respect! It doesn't know how I have to waste 4-8 minutes of my life a day just untangling them. Not to mention they break on a dime. Ugcdgzvnhfvsdszfbbch!
@Leolaring SAME. And people on the bus have to watch me untangle it like an idiot lol.
@arnelli But they're too bulky for my purse!
i gave up on ear buds i use headphones lord soft bottom likes ti get comfortable
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