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Que tal peeps!

The theme at KpopINT is the history of Korea. I know we all love Kpop, but it is important to know the history that produced what we love. This will help us understand the culture more, make us more cultured, and help us show respect to the country which produces our beloved Kpop. I love history and this was my minor during my undergraduate. My favorite history is Asian, Latin American, Europe, Native American...basically anything ancient and not about stuffy old shade through. When I want to learn about a new culture I dig right to the ancient history and study from that time to modern time. I love hearing folklore from these societies and learning about ancient rulers. In this card I will share some of the old Korean ghosts and supernatural creatures and the first true Boss Lady before Jessi and CL. KpopINT Chairs: @bbyitskatie @Sailynn @KpopBeat KpopINT Fam: @amobigbang @elaynethtrumpet @JohnEvans @LenaBlackRose @LexiMintkgtopty @ParkHwaYoung @parktaemi @tayunnie

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Writer Jessamine aka Social Media Event Organizer/Planner aka @amobigbang

I found this awesome website that breaks down all the information you need to know about these ancient creatures. All information about supernatural creatures came from this source below. If want more information just click on the link. Source

Dokkaebi (도깨비)

Appearance: Demonic or goblin-like, with horns and distorted faces. Some may resemble humans. Favorite Hangout: Dokkaebi reside in sparsely populated areas, such as thick woods, graveyards, and abandoned houses. Characteristics: These mischievous little tricksters are known for their pranks and are fond of games, particularly ssireum, a type of Korean wrestling. Dokkaebi are known for stealing from the greedy and rewarding the worthy. Their invisibility hat and magic club help make their trickery more efficient.

Cheonyeo Gwishin (처녀귀신)

Appearance: Cheonyeo gwishin, or "virgin ghosts", are most often depicted wearing sobok, a white hanbok worn at death. Favorite Hangout: Korean virgin ghosts tend to wander around their living family and friends, in hopes they will arrange a "ghost wedding", a paper matrimony with another deceased member of the village. Characteristics: In the past due to Confusion being popular in Asia a woman role basically was to serve the males in her family. Most of the time these ghosts died before they could get married and fulfill their proper role. This is why these types of ghosts are angry and bitter. Fun Fact: In the past, when villages have suspected the presence of vengeful cheonyeo gwishin spirits, they have erected phallic sculptures to pacify the bitter ghosts. Haesindang Park (Penis Park) in Samcheok is a perfect example of this.

Gumiho (구미호)

Appearance: The gumiho is a fox that has lived for 1,000 years and has thus been given the power of shape-shifting. However, they tend to take the form of a beautiful woman and prey on men. Favorite Hangout: Gumiho are often spotted in graveyards, digging up the recently deceased to gorge on human flesh and organs. Characteristics: It has the ability to seduce unsuspecting humans (usually men) in an effort to eat their livers or hearts. Although the gumiho was originally depicted in folklore as a kind but naive creature, it was later regarded as a feral, blood-thirsty monster to be feared by all humans. However, if a Gumiho was able to not eat humans for 1,000 days they were given the opportunity to turn back human and free themselves of these evil traits.

Boss Lady Time!!

Queen Seondeok of Korea's Silla Kingdom

Before CL and Jessi there was Queen Seondeok of Korea's Silla Kingdom. If you haven't heard of her I strongly encourage you to find out more about her. I could do a whole paper about this woman but I will just share some highlights. All my information about the queen comes from this source below. Just click on the link for more information. Source

Queen Seondeok of Korea's Silla Kingdom

1. Her rise to power in 632 marked the first time ever that a female monarch ruled in her own name in Korean history. 2. She led her kingdom during a violent era, but she was able to keep her kingdom together. 3. Her success paved the way for future ruling queens of Silla. 4. She was born Princess Deokman in 606 CE to King Jinpyeong. Who was the 26th king of Silla, and his first queen Maya. Although some of Jinpyeong's royal concubines had sons, neither of his official queens produced a surviving boy. 5. Princess Deokman was well-known for her intelligence and accomplishments, according to the surviving historical records. 6. When she was a young woman, the Emperor Taizong of Tang China sent a sample of poppy seeds and a painting of the flowers to the Silla court. She predicted that these flowers would be orderless after looking at the painting and they were just that when they bloomed. 7. She was known for her great predictions. 8. She never married or had any children.
10. Queen Seondeok was the first queen to rule in her name. During that time queens would only rule until their son was able to take throne. They were like a substitute. 11. Queen Seondeok is known for her skillful diplomacy and the advancement of her kingdom. This woman was not afraid of war. She was the type of queen a person wanted in their team...ask China.
12. As said she paved the way for future female leaders. She made sure her cousin Kim Seung-man, who became Queen Jindeok would be her successor. The Silla Kingdom would also boast Korea's third and final female ruler, Queen Jinseong (r. 887 - 897).
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Omg i never know the dokman in the greatest queen was real!! This is awesome ❤❤❤ i would totally love to learn more about her, it sound so cool
@Choijiah awesome
I love koreas history it was the main reason why I love their culture along with Kpop and Korean dramas