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When your non-kpop friend is awesome
We were talking about Finding Dory and how we hope it's still in theater in a month because we want to watch it together but can't since one of us is 2hours away for college. But anyway, I changed the thing to a fire emoji not even thinking about it, and then she remembered when I played BTS' Fire in the car and yeah. And a bonus my other friend started her message with "I'm telling you man" which is in another bts song XD
I'd also like to thank you guys for liking my last card "BTS Justgirlythings" :) so THANK YOU!
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In school love affair when I think Namjoon says hip hop I die and keep replaying it lol
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@KaeliShearer yeah XD I watched a BTS Save Me misheard lyrics once and I still hear J-Hope saying "The besteu meal, is a...."
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