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Annyeong~ I hope you guys like the collages and if you have any requests then let me know who and from what group if is a part of one and if you have specific colors that you want then you can comment or PM me here on Vingle :D Thank You
Yano and Hansol~Topp Dogg Requested by @HayleyEastman

Ailee Requested by @FalseLove

Kihyun~ Monsta X Requested by @Gaarita100
Sistar Requested by @FalseLove

Zelo~ B.A.P. Requested by @MrsChoiJunHong

Zico and P.O.~ Block B Requested by @SimplyAwkward
Ten~ NCT U Requested by @jimin21abs

Suga~ BTS Requested by @MrsChoiJunHong

I am sorry if they are big, I know. I am sorry if some appear blurry I'll do a different one for you if that will please you :D Btw like my little edit photo? I'm in love with it <3
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Thank you so much!
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@HayleyEastman Your Welcome!
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yours made me laugh so fucking hard
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thank you soo much!!!!
a year ago·Reply
@FalseLove You are very welcome!
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