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...has someone ever kissed you...
...the way you've always wanted to be kissed...? I'm not talking about "making out", or shoving tongues to play tonsil hockey... I mean, the kind that makes it linger for an eternal moment, hanging in the air between you while you feel each other's hearts skip a beat in unison... The kind that lingers with an electric tingle on your lips like starlight that makes you involuntarily bite your lip just a little to hang on to that taste... The kind that makes the nerves in your fingertips buzz with the need to reach out to them and do it again...? If not, why not? What are you waiting for...?
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So, if your goal is that *connection*, you can explore more of yourself & more of the other person, if you *allow yourself* to feel that depth without fear. Without expectation. Without demand. Without self. In that "imaginary not-self space", you can feel harmonies far outside what you are used to experiencing... Something new & undiscovered that's been there all along, but strangely familiar & unfamiliar @ the same time. Beyond blood, beyond electricity... beyond time...
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ive neen kissed but not the way ive wanted馃槯
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hope the day comes when that pretty girl comes and gives me the kiss i think of
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@DanielOsorio Well, thats kind of what I'm trying to warn you away from, guys... I'm over 40... I spent over 4 decades looking for the one that could "give me that kiss"; the problem is, its an *internal* thing. I realized I was having that kiss each time, whether or not the other person was. The important part (as I've learned the hard way) was to keep the expectation inside you... Anything more than that & you might as well eBay your heart while it sti暮l has any value.
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Yes. In school corridor against a wall without a single word said
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