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...the way you've always wanted to be kissed...? I'm not talking about "making out", or shoving tongues to play tonsil hockey... I mean, the kind that makes it linger for an eternal moment, hanging in the air between you while you feel each other's hearts skip a beat in unison... The kind that lingers with an electric tingle on your lips like starlight that makes you involuntarily bite your lip just a little to hang on to that taste... The kind that makes the nerves in your fingertips buzz with the need to reach out to them and do it again...? If not, why not? What are you waiting for...?
im just like yea thats nice but man, its gonna be a while. i never dated a girl so i have hope and no doubt but when i see people my age doing cute things like kiss and hold hands i don't get jelly but sad cuz im so lonely. SIKE I GOT ANIME AND CHIPS, MUSIC AND FRIENDS.
I've been kissed on the cheek but never touched lips with anyone and I'm 22.
@StarRainTearBow referencing the fact the otakus are know for the "forever alone" stereotype
sigh* this is a topic with 2 sides that i can say. i can speak from the singles side when i say no i never kissed while in love. What am i waiting for? To kiss the girl who truly wants to feel love as I can wait but it does get me sad when i do see couples.
@StarRainTearBow look at you being a love counselor to all the vinglers. Kinda cool of you to give people advice to people like this.
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