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Ch. 6
Finally; Saturday arrived and Shin was excited to be spending his day with Takuya. Shin sat at his desk thinking of the places he could take him. Maybe he could take him down to one of the major shopping districts like Myeongdong, maybe a walk at the Han River. Either way it didn’t matter just as long as he’s with Takuya, Shin’s happy. “Definitely no matter what we must end at Seoul Tower.” Shin said to himself.
“Seoul Tower? Why hyung?” Yongseok walks into Shin’s bedroom. Shin lifts his head and leans back in his chair stretching.
“Yeah, I know it’s cheesy but, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart.” Shin replies as he places his hand over his chest and gives Yongseok a sarcastic grin.
“It’s not cheesy hyung, you are just really into Takuya. It’s cute.” Yongseok said.
“I only hope to one day find a girl I can be that way with.” Yongseok continues. Shin smiles nods his head.
“Or maybe a guy.” Shin mumbles, thinking Yongseok didn’t hear him. Yongseok looks at him with his anger face.
“Hyung, do you want me to kick you in your face before your date?” Yongseok says with a smile.
“Ha, cute. I’m sorry I’m just picking on you. I’m gonna get going see ya later.” Shin says as he walks out of his room. Yongseok looks out the window to see Takuya leave his room.
Takuya walks down the stairs with a smile on his face, he’s excited to spend the day with Shin. He didn’t care about seeing Seoul, he just wanted to be with Shin.
Takuya walks to the kitchen and finds a note on the fridge.
Honey, I had to go into work today, I may be late coming home as well. There’s food in the fridge if you’re hungry.
Have a great time on your date.
Love, mom.
*note end*
“That’s got to suck, having to work on your day off. I hope she’s not working herself to death?” Takuya said to himself as he headed for the door.
Takuya opens the door to find Shin about to knock on the door. Shin puts his hand down and smiles.
“Hi.” Shin says with a chuckle. Takuya smiles.
“Hi. Ready to go?” Takuya asked, Shin just nodded his head.
“Perfect timing I was about to knock on your door.” Shin stated. Takuya nodded his head. They walk down to the bus stop and when the bus arrives they get on.
“I have no plans today, we’re just gonna wing it.” Shin confesses. Takuya looks at Shin.
“Sounds fun.” Takuya replies with a smile.
When Shin see’s the place he wants to stop, they get off the bus. It was one of the major shopping districts in the area. It was close to lunch time and he wanted to enjoy some Korean street food or find a mom and pop Korean restaurant to take Takuya. After walking a while Shin finds a restaurant he remembers from when he was a kid.
“Oh wow, I completely forgot about this place, it’s super good. Let’s eat here.” Shin points to the restaurant he’s talking about and Takuya just nods his head in agreement.
Once seated and waiting for their food.
“Do you miss Japan?” Shin asked.
“I did up until recently.” Takuya admitted. “Lately I haven’t been thinking about it. But do you want to hear something funny?” Takuya asks. Shin places his elbows on the table and leans in closer to Takuya.
“Our new teacher, she’s my friend.” Takuya said. Shin’s eyes grow wide.
“You mean the girl from Japan who taught you Korean?” Shin asks. Takuya nods his head.
“She stopped me in the hall the other day asked how I’ve been. I haven’t seen her in five years so it was nice to catch up.” Takuya said.
“Does she know your “gay”?” Shin asks, using his fingers as quotation marks. Takuya shakes his head.
Meanwhile, at Shin’s house:
Yongseok hears a knocking on the door and goes to open it. When he sees the person behind the door his eyes grow wide with shock and confusion.
“Is Shin here?” Seyoung asks. Yongseok just shakes his head no.
“Do you know where he is?” Seyoung asks annoyed. Again Yongseok shakes his head no.
“What’s going on why are you so flustered?” Yongseok asks.
“Nothing, thanks.” Seyoung sighs and turns around to walk away. Yongseok watches and notices that there was a group of girls heading in Seyoung’s direction. Seyoung had yet to make it out of the gate, when all of a sudden his arm is grabbed and pulled back into Shin and Yongseok’s house.
“What the- “Seyoung shouts. Yongseok shuts the door and looks through the window. He then shows Seyoung.
“Oh, thank you. I’m glad you understood me. I don’t know why they’ve been following me for the last hour.” Seyoung admits. “I wanted Shin to come out and pretend to be my boyfriend so they would back off.” Seyoung continued.
“Does that really work?” Yongseok asks. Seyoung nods his head.
“Oh yeah, Shin and I always use it when we are being annoyed with unwanted attention.” Seyoung admits.
“Ok fine.” Yongseok rolls his eyes, grabbing Seyoung’s hand again they walk outside.
“Follow my lead okay.” Yongseok stated, Seyoung just nods his head. They reach the side walk and the girls stop and quickly run up to the boys.
“OMG Seyoung and Yongseok it’s like a dream come true please go out with me!” the girls were shouting at all different levels. Really giving Yongseok a headache.
“Shh.” Yongseok puts his finger to his lips and hushes the crowd of girls.
“We have something to tell you.” Yongseok clears his throat before he continues, he can’t believe he’s doing this.
“Seyoung and I are dating he’s my boyfriend, you guys should leave us alone. I love Seyoung and Seyoung loves me isn’t that right baby?” Yongseok turns to Seyoung. Who responds with a head nod.
Yongseok pulls Seyoung closer and plants a passionate kiss on Seyoung. Seyoung quickly responds with pulling Yongseok closer and wrapping his arms around his waist. The group of girls are in shock, confused, and saddened by the news that the two most beautiful boys in their school were gay but most of all dating each other. The girls walk away in tears.
Yongseok and Seyoung hadn’t noticed the girls had left yet, until Yongseok remembers who he’s kissing. He pulls away from Seyoung.
“Their gone.” Yongseok said.
“Thanks for your help, I know how much you hated it, but at this rate the group of girls following both of us will dwindle to a minim we can handle.” Seyoung bowed his head and turned around to walk away. Yongseok didn’t know what came over him, but he felt his heart hurt when he was walking Seyoung walk away. Yongseok wanted to call out to Seyoung but his voice wouldn’t come out.
“Maybe that’s for the best. I couldn’t have feelings for Seyoung I’m not attracted to men. Right?” Yongseok said to himself. Yongseok goes up to his room, he had to reflect on the current situation. Yongseok plops on his bed with his face in the pillow and he screams into it.
“WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DO!!!” he screamed. “More importantly why did I not want to stop; did I enjoy it? What the hell is wrong with me?” Yongseok talks to himself.
Seyoung was walking towards his home, touching his lips and smiling like an idiot. Seyoung didn’t know Yongseok was such as great kisser. “How am I going to get over him now? I can’t forget the touch of his lips on mine, how sweet he tasted.” Seyoung thinks to himself.
Seoul Tower:
Shin and Takuya have enjoyed their day together, they went to an arcade played games, sang karaoke and now they are at the tower. They get their locks of love and place them on the fence. Shin watches Takuya as he secures his lock.
“Takuya, let’s come here every year as an anniversary.” Shin asks. Takuya looks up at Shin with a smile.
“I was thinking the same thing.” Takuya admitted.
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