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if you guys didn't know already I've followed this group since predebut and basically became trash at first sight.....I have literally watched every video...and now own their debut album.....but I seriously love this group if you haven't checked them out ....you need to asap these guys are amazing, talented and beautiful....ughhhh I swear this group is the death of me and this bts video killed me entirely.. someone needs to take my phone away because I'm going to die...
my debut album .....81 pgs of beautiful babies and lots of korean practice for me with the 50 Q&A for each member.......so far I have tons in common with my love Seungjun.....and surprisingly as soon as I opened my album ....seungjun pops out.....this man is gonna be the death of me....this whole group....they seriously have me wrapped around their finger ...now I just need their awake album and I'll be set