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Can you hear me B2uties??!!!

Whether you've been a 'Bad Girl' with Beast or you've only just joined for the 'Highlight' let's support Beast!!!

We've been through a lot this year.

Fighting off the hate comments, dealing with others pitying/hating on us for "losing a member". And whether you support OT6 or OT5 or both! All we want is your continual support for our amazing boys.

So as your Beast Mod for Q3 here are a few promises...


I'm planning on having theme days and a giveaway (maybe multiple?!!) Comment below your ideas for theme days or what I should do as requirements to win the giveaway! Or just ideas in general on how to make this community a better community for members to interact with each other.


Although Beast fools around quite a lot and we love them for it I will NOT TOLERATE cards in the Beast community that are NOT DIRECTLY RELATED. Direct Relation - Mention of Beast, Mention of a Member Indirect Relation - Kpop, Other groups, Memes.

If you're like Junhyung and admire Doojoon's tush....

Or if you're like Doojoon and want to touch Yoseob's hair...

Or if you're like Yoseob and just can't contain the feels...

Please join my support squad as the Beast Q3 Mod!!

Spread the word to all b2uties!

B2ST & B2UTY forever ∀ΔΣ & ∀Σ 영원히

hate when ppl post things in other communities.. glad you made that clear
@PrettieeEmm Now that you will.be a Mod. yeah you can do something about...I post I card about it and it didn't stop so I just started removing the cards .now it has stop..lol
@PrettieeEmm you mean when people post things that are not.related to the community. .yeah I had lots of those and I even made a card adressing the issue.. it has stop a bit.. but yes it is kind of annoying. .and iam. not a picky Mod. but I can't tolerate that either..lol @tayunnie
@luna1171 yes that's what I mean. i go on the winner and they ads ikon stuff like no stop.. ngl im gonna do something about it too
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