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But to insult an entire fan base isn't called for. We as fans should never try and bring down or cut down fellow fans just because we don't fit a certain stereotypical image of beauty. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL so this young lady needs to look in the mirror and remind herself that beauty isn't based on image but on the soul and her soul needs a complete makeover
Calling armies fake when I can clearly see pounds of makeup trying to cover up her hatefulness...馃槖
What she said really hurt. The ARMY fandom is very beautiful and so what if we aren't Korean, skinny, or the "real definition of beautiful" we all are very beautiful. Ignorant people like her cause people to have eating disorders. I know that I'm skinny but I have some stomach fat, that doesn't mean that I'm fat. It also doesn't mean that I starve myself like people think I do.
she mad cuz BTS made a western version... No no no she mad cuz BTS does world no no she mad cuz BTS actually bust their arse for theit world Fans... No no no She mad cuz RapMonster learn English so he would be able to communicate with His int. Fans No no no she mad the BTS roots runs deep in Western Hip Hop no no no she is self hating because Ulzzang on Int. fans circle lens isnt needed...its cute. no no no she mad that in one of their MV non korean models were in it and It made them even more bigger. Yes yes yes.... She is mad at herself for not being an Int Fan and knowing that BTS love being in other countries with fans and have said Int. Fans love is on another level compared to Korean Fans.
@KatelynSummerso CUTE for jimin haha and beautiful everyday...I'm thinking about posting a selca and having it say BTS THINKS I'M BEAUTIFUL AND spreading it all over Vingle anyone down?
I feel like I've just been slapped. Yes I'm American and no I may not understand every word in the songs and I may not speak Korean fluently but gosh darn it I love the music as passionately as any Korean!!!!!!!!! Passion is what counts here. Not how someone looks or talks, KCon is to bring together those that share a passion. It's not a beauty contest or a who's better contest.
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