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Here are my snap results for ASTRO. These results were so in tune with each I had to make a story.
MJ is my Lil brother, although he's older than I am in real life.
So Rocky is my childhood friend who also happens to be my.....
I know a cliche but what can I say .
No story is complete without a love triangle.. P. S. - SanHa is my bias so if he liked me I'd probs die.
They always say, you tease the one you love.
Somewhere along the line I finally got through to Rocky, unfortunately there was trouble in paradise by the name of.......
He came in like a wrecking ball and swept me off my swept. I mean do you see that face, what's a girl to do.
So he wasn't too thrilled about us breaking up and my being with Eunwoo. Although kidnapping is not a good way to get your ex back.
My little bro put him in his place though. But I was kind of miffed at the fact that my boyfriend didn't try and save me.
To end it off I said goodbye to all those others boys and settled down with love of my life JinJin.. Look at him soo precious
Unfortunately Moonbin never makes an appearance, maybe next time. Original: @XionHeart Tag me if you decide to go in your very own space adventure
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