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WARNING: Mild Language
You put your forehead against the door with a sigh, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
You hear Jiyong chuckle behind you and you turn on him in confusion.
“What’s funny about this? She’s pissed at me now, after I already hurt her.”
Ji nods to Gil, who pulls you back against him and wraps his arms around you. Ji reaches into his pocket and takes out the master key.
You look at him with wide eyes, “Where did you get that?”
“You didn’t think I’d let my woman move in somewhere I couldn’t get to her if I needed, did you? What kind of man do you think I am?”
He grins and winks, turns and opens the door.
“Get out!”
You hear her yell and cringe when you hear a glass crash against the wall. Jiyong growls and grabs a platter from the counter to use as a shield.
“Jak! Baby you hit me with that I’m going to have to punish you.”
“Like that’s a threat?!! You like punishing me! No… get away from me, I’m mad you! No! Fine… but I’m still mad at you.”
“It’s safe guys, you can come in.”
You poke your head around the corner to see Ji on the couch with Jak wrapped in his arms. You look down, thankful for your shoes as you crunch glass on the kitchen floor.
“Jak…” you attempt.
“I’m still mad at you, don’t talk to me.”
“I’m sorry; I was trying to get a reaction, you wouldn’t answer me!”
“And you got one, are you happy?”
“Not if you’re going to be pissy at me, NO!”
You feel Kyungil’s hand on your shoulder and can see Jiyong squeeze Jak at her words. “Play nice, you know she loves you.”
Jak turns away, “I know but I’m still mad. I get to be mad okay?!”
“Yes my love, you get to be mad.”
He looks over at you and Gil, “I’ll stay here with her. The two of you have somewhere you can go?”
Kyungil just smiles, “Not a problem. You take care of your woman; I’ll take care of mine.”
He kisses you on the top of the head and urges you forward. “Honey, go get an overnight bag together.”
After you’ve gathered your clothes, you try once again.
“Jak. Please don’t be mad me, I can’t stand it.”
Her anger seems to be gone, she just seems incredibly sad now.
“Just go with Gil, I’ll talk to you another time.”
You have no idea where Gil is headed for the two of you tonight. You’re shocked as he pulls up to the groups dorm.
“You need to grab a bag? I’m not much company, I’ll just wait here.”
He grabs your hand and kisses it, comes around the car, grabs your overnight bag and hand.
“Come on, I don’t need a bag, my stuff’s here.”
“We’re staying here?” You tug back on his hand, “Gil, I’m really not in the mood to have to pretend to be happy.”
He walks back over to you and wraps his arms around your waist.
“You don’t have to pretend with the guys Jagi. They love you because you’re you and because you’re mine. Also, I’ve never met a bunch of bigger dorks that can take your mind of your problems. Come on, trust me.”
You follow him, still not believing him but knowing you don’t have a choice for the night.
As the two of you enter the dorm, Dokyun looks up and smirks.
“Well, if it isn’t our absentee leader. What brings you here? Did your surprise for [YN] not go well?”
You poke your head around Kyungil and wave.
“Oh. Alright then, do we get to know what your announcement was?”
Gil drops your bag and leads you over to the couch, pulls you down into his lap and encourages you.
Before you can open your mouth Dokyun raises a finger, “Hold up a minute.”
He turns and yells, “HEY! Gil and [YN] are here!”
Sounds can be heard from around the dorm and you watch in shock as guys start emerging from all around. Some lift a hand in greeting, while other’s grin with ‘heys’.
“I’m sure it isn’t that interesting to all of you,” you begin. They each look offended and mock hurt. You roll your eyes and realize that Gil was right, this bunch of adorable dorks won’t make you forget your fight with Jak but are starting to make you feel a little better.
Jaeho leans forward, “You wound us princess. Anyone who can put up with our notorious leader and keep him out of our hair not only has but deserves our undying love and affection.”
He winks with a smile as he ducks the pillow that just misses his head. Everyone laughs then Yijeong gets serious.
“Seriously, what was the good news today? All we know is that dufus was on the phone trying to call you, than he got this dopey look on his face. When he hung up he said, “That’s my girl” and left. So, his girl, what happened today?”
You look up at Kyungil’s face that is a slight shade of red now. “What? I’m proud of you.” He leans over and kisses you to which moans and groans sound around the room.
“That is not the news! Let the woman speak!”
You giggle as you pull back, now slightly red yourself.
“Well, I got a promotion at work.”
Kyungil scoffs behind you. “Promotion? My woman is now the Project Manager, with a raise, and a company apartment!”
You’re embarrassed at the sudden congratulations and whistles sounding around the room.
“You the woman [YN]!”
“Look at our lady go, we knew you were smart!”
“Who’s lady? Back off, I don’t share.”
They all scoff, “Any woman that dates one of us has to love all of us and vice versa. Quit being a dick and let us congratulate her.”
You smirk at the growl from behind you and the tightening of his arms.
Sihyoung suddenly declares, “This deserves a celebration! What do we have?”
“Any chocolate?” you inquire.
They all look at each other like that’s something foreign to them.
“Come on guys, you don’t expect me to celebrate with something healthy! Eww.”
You feel Gil’s lips on your neck; “Dokyun, bottom drawer of my dresser.”
Dokyun gets up as the rest look at him, “You’ve been holding out on us?”
He shrugs, “It’s not for you. It’s for her. A smart man always has his woman’s weakness on hand.”
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Yay, so cute. And I was just thinking about how I missed the rest of the boys, now here they all are! 💙
oh lord. What else is in your bottom dresser Kyungil?
A smart man always has his woman’s weakness on hand.” that's an awesome line right there
gosh just kill me. @GriseldaZenger he knows me to well. awe but Jak. i hope it works out
we need to change our weaknesses lol