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Who: Reader x Byun Baekhyun What: Pain, Love Chapter 2 (This story is loosely based off of 2NE1's music video Go away. I kind of just needed to write it out cause it's in my head but I thought you guys might like it. so enjoy) Story: He was the love of your life until he broke up with you in the most humiliating way. You keep going on with your life trying to live with the pain of working with your ex-boyfriend at the race track and seeing his new girlfriend hanging on his arm. The more you see him the more destructive you become. Right now the only person that can keep you sane is your closest friend Jongdae.
Y/N's POV You woke up feeling like hell, your head was pounding. You looked to your side dresser and there was a note with some aspirin by your bed. Hey Y/N sorry for not being there when you woke up I had to get to the studio. I left my secret hangover drink in your fridge so drink it all and don't forget to take your aspirin. I'll drop by the race track to take you out to lunch okay. p.s don't do anything stupid please. At the bottom he signed it Jongdae with a little heart as a the exclamation point. You smiled, he was baby sitting you basically, he wanted to take you to lunch to keep an eye on you. You couldn't help but understand, had the roles been in reverse you'd be just as worried about him as he was about you. Still you couldn't help but find that him taking care of you like this a bit annoying. You were probably distracting him from his work and that made you feel like crap even more than you already felt. You took the aspirin and walked into the kitchen to find the drink he'd made for you. If the smell was anything to go by, it was not going to taste good but he had told you to drink it all. You pinched your nose taking big gulps to hurry and get it down. The taste was revolting and you had no idea what he'd put in it. However, after taking a shower and getting ready for work you didn't feel as shitty as you first did when you woke up. "I guess I'll have to thank him now." you joked to yourself. You headed out the door and got into your car, you weren't ready to go to work. She would be there with him, tall long brown hair, cute but definitely the villain if this had been a K-drama. You had done yourself the favor of erasing pics of you two together on your phone, your instagram, your facebook page, your snapchat wasn't a problem but you kicked him off your list. Any place you may see him outside of work; the only picture that remained was the one on his contact ID. He was labeled Bacon in your phone with a sticker of a pig, bacon and a heart next to his name. The photo came from when you two went to the carnival together you were on top of the Ferris wheel and he had a birds eye selfie of you two. You looked like an idiot squeezing your eyes shut and clinging to him because of your fear of heights. You asked him to send the picture to you once you got it you changed the photo from the pic you snuck of him when he wasn't looking to your selfie. That picture you weren't ready to get rid of, everytime you saw it you were reminded of the great times you had together but with that slight smile came the pain again. This was the third day of your break up, all you wanted to do was scream in his face and blame him for breaking your heart. You wanted to rip that bitches hair out of her head, anything that would release how much pain you were feeling. Then you noticed the notification on your phone that he'd sent you a text, a picture of him and his new girl in the jacket you bought him for his birthday. You pushed down the tears that were threatening to come out, the urge to throw your phone out the window and run it over with your car was strong. Why would he do that to you, he was out right being rude and you had done nothing to deserve it. You put your phone in the cup holder and began to drive to work. You needed to practice, you had a few hundred things to get through today and thinking about him wasn't one of them. You arrived at work and headed straight for the locker room, the men's locker room was next to the women's but you decided even if you had seen him you'd ignored him. It wasn't him that you should've worried about though. She was leaning against the wall on her phone, she had probably been waiting a while for him to get out. You felt your hands clench into fists and contemplated the idea of punch her square in the jaw. You sighed, it wasn't worth it. Losing credibility in the public eye because of her, Fuck that. You walked over to the door when she had noticed you and said, "Y/N!" You shouldn't have stopped for her but you did. However, you didn't give her the curtsey of turning around to face her. "What?" You said with no emotion in your voice what so ever. "I just wanted to say have a nice practice today." You turned to her to see an obvious fake smile. Your eyes narrowed on her, she had lifted her hand to shake yours. You looked at her hand then up at her and turned around, "Thanks." you said walking away again with no emotion in your voice. You leaned against the lockers taking a breath, you were the only one in there but you forced yourself to hold it together. Why the hell would she say something as stupid as that to you? Was she just taunting you with the fact that she was now with your ex-boyfriend. You threw your bag against the wall, the loud sound echoing and hurting your head. You realized your hangover wasn't gone completely just yet. You got dressed any way and walked out of the locker room. You could see from the corner of your eye that she was by his side, kissing him while fixing his suit for him. You looked forward as if he didn't exist. He was still wearing that jacket. Your team pulled your car up for you. You turned to it and placed your hand on the top of it looking at the door. This beautiful vibrant blue looked back at you mockingly. You chose this car because Baekhyun said it would suit you. 'You look beautiful standing by it' he used to say. You smiled at the car anyway and said, "I'm sorry my beauty, I think it's time for a change." You turned to your manager and said, "Hey I want a new paint job on my car." "Really, what for?" Your manager said. You saw Baekhyun and his girlfriend looking at you. Of course they'd look your way considering the manager was standing next to him. You simply smirked and said, "This particular shade of blue disgusts me; I can't remember why I chose it in the first place. I'd like to get rid of such a disgusting color. Can I get something bright, like green or red? Better yet paint him to look like bumblebee from transformers." You said mockingly. You could see the irritated expression on Baekhyun's face and it only made you smile that you had annoyed him so much. He deserved it for being such an asshole to you, sending that text message with him and her in that jacket. You got in your car once the manager agreed to get you a new paint job for you. You drove up to the starting line, he had turned his head to see you but you ignored him. You needed to focus, you couldn't pay attention to him. The practice race began, you taking lead but him catching up after the first turn, you two were neck and neck and he seemed to drive towards you to scare you into driving recklessly. You turned the wheel towards him nearly running him off the road but making it in time to turn. You were quick and much better than him at racing, you knew his tricks but he didn't know yours. He didn't know that you could block him out of your head, that racing cleared you of any shit going on in your life. In the wake of your parents divorce in your first year racing, you had been crowned the greatest rookie of the year. It seemed like when bad stuff happened you got better at work but that was because racing set you free. You arrived at the finish line first winning the first mock race, the manager had recorded your times checking to see if you'd done better than the day before. You two were still slacking though. They called for another race in which you won again, another race had come and you won. Then the last race came, this race some how changed the game for you. You two started off, you were quick with your start up but after the first turn he pushed on the gas passing by you. You sped up behind him tailing him, your car swerving to the left his swerving to the right before he suddenly pulled back and you almost lost control of the car. The next turn came and he was able to make the car drift enough that he could make the turn. You caught control of your car in enough time to keep from crashing and you drove off making your way around the next turn. You again tailed him, this time looking out for his little trick. You tried to get into the next lane to get beside him but he blocked you. You tried the other way but he blocked you again. He was able to keep you seconds behind him then surprised you by halting slightly and turning his car. You slammed on your breaks to keep from hitting him but he'd simultaneously pressed on the gas and sped up in front of you. The race ending with him being the winner. You got out of the car pissed but you hadn't thrown a fit just yet. You stopped back way before the finish line, your pit crew coming to your car while you unzipped the top half of your suit, your black tank clinging to you. You were shaking your head trying to figure out what happened. Once you reached the pit station you dropped your helmet. You looked to see him staring back at you with a smug smile. One you wanted to punch right off his face. He was getting better you had to admit but that was not going to happen to you again if you and anything to do about it. It wasn't until you heard someone call your name that you turned your head. "Y/N!" "Jongdae?" you said confused as he walked up with Jongin and Chanyeol behind him. "What are you doing here?" "Huh? Didn't you read my note this morning? I said I'd stop by to take you out to lunch." he answered. A big smile was wiped across his face as you put a hand to your chin remembering the note you read this morning. "Oh yeah, sorry I guess I forgot. Things have been a bit tense around here." "Yeah we saw that last race." Chanyeol said. "I wish you had seen the first few." You said giving him a slight smile. Chanyeol smiled back sympathetically understanding you didn't like to lose. Even more so, having lost to Baekhyun, it probably stung a bit more. He clapped your shoulder before he said, "I'm starving." "Yeah why don't you go get dressed so we can go eat." Jongdae said. "You two are joining us?" you asked. "Yeah, what did you think we were just going to let Jongdae have all the fun time with you. I have a lunch break now and Chanyeol wasn't doing anything anyway so we're free to annoy you." Jongin explained. "Perfect." you said giving him a bigger smile. You headed to the locker rooms to get dressed. When you came back, Jongdae was leaning against the wall by himself. Jongin and Chanyeol were talking to Baekhyun. You couldn't get upset at them for doing that, they were his friends too. Jongin called for them while he placed his hand on the small of your back and pushed you forward along beside him. They took you to your favorite cafe which cheered you up a lot. Chanyeol had been picking on you alot trying to get you to do a dance on stage with him. This cafe allowed for karaoke and dancing on stage just to have fun. Chanyeol and you often did duets together with you dancing and him singing or rapping. You liked acting like an idiot around the boys. "Okay okay, what song?" you asked finally giving in. "Thunder." he answered. "Oh good that's my favorite." "Wait no I change my mind." "No you already said it, come on." You laughed. You two stood up on stage and people recognized you and Chanyeol immediately. Their attention caught on to you two, luckily there wasn't a lot of people there to make you feel awkward about singing and dancing like an idiot. At one point you started to clutch your chest when Chanyeol hit a sweet note; you fanned yourself while making googly eyed faces behind his back and the crowd began to laugh. He looked back at you trying not to laugh through his notes but it wasn't working. You guys sat back down and Jongdae ordered you a peach green tea smoothie, your favorite kind. As you were drinking it, Jongdae pulled out his phone and snuck a picture of you. You pinched his butt making him yelp in surprise and Chanyeol and Jongin burst out laughing from the high pitched sound. "You'd think after years of that kind of punishment you'd stop getting surprised." Jongin said through laughs. "Y/N's so mean to me." Jongdae fake pouted while rubbing the spot on his butt you just pinched. "Come here, I'm sorry you did buy me a drink." you said standing up and wrapping your arms around his neck. He told you to stay there as he pulled out his phone and took a picture and put it up on snapchat the text reading: she's only sweet when I buy her things. You laughed at him and sat back down. You four talked for a little while longer before you had to head back to work. You didn't let your last match get to you anymore. Besides you two weren't being put against each other anymore. at least not in a one on one race. He'd given you a few nasty looks once you'd gotten back but you're ignored him focusing on your time scores. You were being lectured on how you were making turns which was pretty routine. You were were good at turning but your reaction time when speeding up after the turn was a little off. It seemed that Baekhyun had exploited that detail in your training method. You headed home today with no intention to drink yourself to sleep. Jongdae had texted you and made you promise you wouldn't drink tonight. You had promised and he asked if he could drop by after work. You told him it was fine and he should drop by even if he thought it was late; he could use his spare key to come in the house and he could wake you up. You were finally at home and you sat on the couch just staring at the TV. The volume was off but the pictures of some K drama rolled by, you thought it was a rerun of "Boys before flowers" but you weren't sure, you didn't watch the show enough to really know. Your phone began to buzz for a text and you assumed it was Jongdae texting that he was on his way over or to check up on you again but it was Baekhyun. 'What the Fuck, are you seeing Jongdae now?' You loudly cursed thinking that he was a piece of shit. What, was he jealous or something? He didn't have a right to be. Was he upset that you were with Jongdae even though you and Jongdae weren't dating? The fucking nerve of him to be pissed even if you were. He cheated on you for probably a solid month before he humiliated you in public, and then he shows up with her on his arm kissing away in front of you. The idea of him getting upset at you pissed you off. You were going to ignore the text when he sent you another. 'Don't you fucking ignore me Y/N.' Who the hell was this person? The two years you had dated Baekhyun, was that just a disguise? Had he always been like this but because you were so in love with him you didn't notice. More and more he was proving to be an logical fuck and he was pissing you off acting like he was entitled to have you answer him when he texted you. He texted you again this time it was a picture of him kissing her, the jacket you bought him still on. "Fuck this." You grabbed your coat and walked out of the house, only grabbing your keys so that you could lock the front door. You promised Jongdae you wouldn't drink but you couldn't keep that promise any more. Your blood was boiling, your hands were shaking in fury. You went to the bar just two blocks down from your place and began to drink shot after shot till everything hurt a little less. You stared at that picture on your phone till the image was burned in your head, till you couldn't take it much more. You paid for your drinks and staggered out of the bar and followed the path to his place. You got there and rang the doorbell annoyingly until he opened the door. "What the Fuck are you doing here?" he said. The boys weren't there, they were probably still at work, at least Jongdae you knew for sure was. Your phone buzzed but you ignored it. "Give it back." you said having enough control over you words not to slur in your drunkenness. "Give what back?" he asked. "The fucking jacket, give it back you asshole!" He scoffed through a chuckle and began to close the door. You grabbed the door keeping it open telling him to give it back. Then she came up to the door to check out the commotion. You ran a string of curses and dirty names towards her till he grabbed you by your arm and pulled you by the drive way. You freed yourself from his grasp and leaned against the garage door. You weren't crying, not yet, "Does she get you off better than me? Is that why you fucked he? Or maybe she told you, you were the best she ever had. I'm sure Jongdae is much better than you though." "So you are fucking him." he said pissed. You laughed at him, he really was upset. He was just with her a few minutes ago kissing her, touching her. He was all upset cause he thought you were fucking your best friend? The more you looked at his face the angrier you got. The picture coming back to your mind, you couldn't stop there. You wanted to make him hurt the way you did. You wanted to rip his heart out and stomp on it like he had done to you. Without thinking you said, "He's so much better than you. Gentle, kind he actually gives a shit about me. He'd never Fuck me the way you did. " "Fuck you Y/N." "Aw is little Baekhyun upset? Why cause he does a better job at satisfying me than you ever could? I'm not yours Baekhyun I doubt that I ever truly was to begin with. So guess what, if I wanna bounce up and down on Jongdae's fucking dick or beg him to Fuck me raw I fucking will." That sent a rage through him you didn't recognize and you instantly felt the sting from his hand viciously connecting to your face. He slapped you a few times before you fell to the ground. He took off the jacket and threw it down on you, "You fucking whore." he said before leaving you on the ground to walk back in the house. You could swear you heard some pain in his voice. It didn't belong there, he didn't get to feel hurt if you decided to move on. He didn't get the right to hit you, the right to hate you, the right to treat you like you were the scum of the earth. A single tear slid down your cheek as you laid there but that was all you could allow to escape your eyes. Suddenly, headlights began to flash in your face and all you could do was squint your eyes but you were too numb to move. "Oh my God Y/N!" Jongdae's POV He had to wake up early that morning to get to work so he made his special hangover cure for her to drink and left some aspirin on her bedside dresser for her when she woke up. He decided to write the note for her thinking that she may not go in her fridge to see it. He felt the need to tell her to make sure not to do anything stupid today at the end of the note. He was taking her out to lunch so that he cold distract her from anything that Baekhyun had put her through. While he was at work, he could only seem to think about her. His singing was off almost all day. His manager was getting a bit short with him, yelling at him that he wasn't concentrating enough. He was trying hard but he was worried about Y/N. He just sensed that something was going to happen today. especially after he arrived at the house to take a shower and changed clothes. Baekhyun had tried grilling him on where he was the entire night but he answered vague saying he went to a friends house because he couldn't stand looking at him. "You went to go comfort her didn't you?" he said. "Baekhyun it'd be very wise for you to keep your mouth shut and mind your own fucking business. I'm really getting sick of your fucking voice." he said boarder line growling at him. Baekhyun hadn't said anything else to him but Jongdae knew that he knew he stayed over Y/N's house. So what if he did, they weren't together anymore anyway. They stopped having sleepovers when they hooked up. He thought it was better to stop out of respect for Baekhyun, even if, when he slept overhe slept on the couch. She needed him though, whether she openly said it or not. They had grown up together. Jongin was there for her as much as he could too since he was also her childhood friend but Baekhyun always hated that he and Y/N were so close. When lunch came around, he practically ran out of the studio to get to his car. Chanyeol and Jongin saw him and asked to have lunch with him. When he said he was spending it with Y/N, they asked if he minded if they joined. They had felt like they hadn't seen her in a while despite it only being three days since they last talked. She didn't come to the house to hang, understandably so and she was getting drunk to sooth her pain from what Jongdae and told them. They wanted to help her but she wouldn't ask for help, she wouldn't openly accept help, she didn't want to show she had weak moments. Jongdae was just about the only one that got to see those moments. He was happy to see her laughing and acting like her normal self around them. It was as if she didn't have a care in the world and he was instantly glad that the guys came along. They provided her with the biggest distraction in the world. Even Jongdae knew it wasn't enough though, he got a sinking feeling again once he went back to work. He knew Baekhyun would try something he just didn't know what yet. He couldn't even figure out, for the life of him, why he was torturing her like that. Had he never loved her at all? He didn't know how someone could treat someone they claimed to love for two years like that. It was one thing to not be in love with her and break up with her but to treat her like shit and act like her feelings didn't matter afterwards was beyond low. To act so heartless and bringing the girl he'd cheated on her with to their job, Baekhyun disgusted him. When he finally caught a break he texted her making her promise that once she got off work she wouldn't go drinking. She promised she wouldn't which only made this moment even more horrifying for him. "Oh my God Y/N!" He ran up to her after getting out of the car and lifted her up from the ground. She smelled like alcohol, she promised she wouldn't. She had said that she was fine with him coming by her house even if he got off late, he'd texted her just incase, telling her he'd stop of to drop somethings off at the house first before he headed over to her place. He didn't expect to see her like this. She clung to the jacket as he lifted her up seeing the bruise on her face and instantly he felt his blood boil. "What the Fuck happened to you?" he said. "Jongie I'm sorry." she whimpered. "Y/N did he fucking do this to you?" "Don't Chen I'm fine I just," she tried to lift herself up and fix her position. "pissed him off a bit." "Pissed him off or not that fucking bastard put his hands on you!" fury running through his veins. "I pushed him to it I suppose I was pretty much asking f-" "Shut the Fuck up. No one, especially not a man has the right to hit you, in your face no less. Let's go, I'm taking you home cause if I go in that house right now I'm going to kill him myself." He picked her up holding her like a princess, she was still clutching Baekhyun's jacket. He wondered why she had it in the first place but she showed no signs of letting it go. He put her in the car and drove them back to her place and once again carried her out of the car and to the door. He leaned her against the wall so he could open the door but she decided she'd walk in herself. She dropped the jacket on the ground while walking in and sat on the couch. He was pissed, pissed that he hit her, pissed that she'd broken her promise, pissed that she looked so broken when just this afternoon he'd seen her smile so big that he could swear she out shined the sun. "Why do you keep doing this to yourself Y/N?" he said upset. He sat down next to her, her forehead now in her hands. She looked so worn down. "I loved him Chen. I loved him so much and he just...broke me into a million pieces." "You can't just let an asshole like Byun Baekhyun steal who you are Y/N." "I know but he was my first. He was the man I loved for two years Jongie. Each day it gets harder and harder to remember why I loved him in the first place though and it's killing me. He's killing me." "You can't keep doing this, you can't keep getting drunk everytime he makes you upset, everytime something hurts. You'll get addicted, you'll lose everything." "I already have, it just... hurts. Everything hurts, it hurts to breathe. I'm so tired of trying to understand why this happened and what I did wrong. The more I try and figure it out the worse I feel. Everything starts to hurt again, it would've been easier if he just killed me. It'd hurt less." Suddenly tears spilled from her eyes, everything she'd held in breaking free because she couldn't hold it back anymore. "I just don't want to feel anything any more." She cried harder and he wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back as she cried harder and harder. His heart broke for her, he'd seen her cry one other time since he'd known her when her younger brother was killed. He'd gotten caught by a stray bullet during a gang war. It wasn't long after that, that her parents started going through issues of their own. In the next two years, they separated and then two years later their divorce was made final. She was crying twice as hard as that day. She was in front of people so she held it in and for two days she didn't allow herself to eat, or speak to anyone. She finally broke down on the third day just like now. The sound of her sobs was making his heart ache and all he wanted to do was calm her down. He pulled her away for a second and placed his lips on hers without thinking. When he pulled away, she looked at him with wide eyes, "You stopped crying." He said. She'd been so stunned by the kiss that her crying ceased. He didn't expect her to cup his face and lean in to kiss him again though. He didn't pull away from her, instead he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in holding her tighter.
Crap this chapter was super long but I really wanted Jongdae's pov in here so sorry about that. Anyway hope you enjoyed! Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @Tiffany1922 @princess2425 @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @Queenlee @Vkookie47 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish
@VKookie47 OMG I'm sorry! I had to do it twice cause right in the middle of putting it down my keyboard used auto-correct I'm sorry I'll fix this but I'm glad you found it @QueenLee thank you for saying that it makes me so happy! @parktaemi I'm not gonna lie I got a little misty writing it. This is loosely based off of the 'go away' mv for 2NE1 and everytime I see CL get hit in the video I'm just like 'nooooooo why are you doing this to her😭😭😭' the part gets me everytime.
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