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I was tagged by the Bulletproof Team: @MadAndrea @KokoroNoTakara @PrincessUnicorn @SugaOnTop @SimplyAwkward @VKookie47 @amobigbang idk where to even begin... omg here's my attempt at narrowing it down! ( I have many many favorites, but these are some of my most played ones)
#5... This Love by Shinhwa everytime it comes on, I immediately start vogueing and body rolling and singing along. Even at work. Yes my coworker caught me once. I'll never live that down. No Regrets.
#4.... One by One by Taemin This has to be one of my favorite songs by him. it's definitely become my favorite on his Press It album. I just soak it all in... the bass, the guitar riff, his vocals, and the rhythm... it never ceases to calm me down or help me wind down from a hard day. (bonus... it's sexy as hell)
#3.... Tomorrow by BTS Armys all over will understand when I say the choreography plays in my head everytime I hear this. It's a powerful song. The lyrics keep me thoughtful that it took courage to get through the day, and to never give up. ( Eat your heart out Annie).This is one I can play before bed and it let's my mind wander to less stressful things.
#2... Rock Your Body by VIXX .... This song holds a special spot in my heart. At the concert I went to, they taught us some choreography and the whole audience danced with them as they performed. It was amazing and sweaty and fun. The song was a fave before then, but it's major top fave now. I can't listen without going back to that moment (or without dancing along). (it also struggles to be #1 on this list... I almost changed it, but dammit both are top so I settled for #2 for sake of the list )
#1.... dear God this one was freaking hard to settle on... (as you saw on my #2) but I based it off answering yes to all of these: (yes I do the same with #2 also but... alas...) 1. I'll never get tired of it. 2. I can sing along with it. 3. I know and dance some of the choreo. 4. I still get pumped every time it comes on. 5. I crank it up in my car; windows down. It's Follow Me (Say It) by Topp Dogg.
@MichelleIbarra absolutely ^^
This Love is really good! I love that song! Also, can you add me to your tag list? c:
@katiems oooo do tag me!
ohhh i love your top 5!! ^^ Ill give this challenge a shot too
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