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Jay🐶Park ScreenShot Game
that way I'm not doing this game haha so here goes nothing Jay Park is my....
>.>... had to do the screen shot with my eyes poor heart in the friend zone . . . . He bought me...
no arguement here... cause he paid xD . . . our relationship is like...
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@pandaqueenbee tell loco what.....Loco must know nothing
a year ago·Reply
@LocoForJiyong you're cheating with Jay
a year ago·Reply
@pandaqueenbee no I'm not....I'm simple gandering at Jay's beautiful for the sake of this screenshot game....nothing more😂
a year ago·Reply
@LocoForJiyong you had his kids and married him
a year ago·Reply
i wanted a potato wedding not a potato and a Spud wedding lol
a year ago·Reply