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Here's the deal.

I would probably date anyone from Fairy Tail, gender bent or not. Saying I can gender bend them just gives me more options, you know?! So consider this more of a "list of people I'd date" rather than my one, gender bent waifu :3
(Above art by LadyGrean)

#1: Fem Natsu

Natsu would be a really interesting character as a female, as I think he has a lot of traits that are RARELY given to female characters. If we ever saw a fem version of him, I would hope all those traits carried through!
I'd still date her because she'd be loyal and brave and funny :D Oh, and cute ;)
(Art by Neneko-sama)

#2 Fem Mystogen

Yeppppp. Yep. I mean, who wouldn't?! I find Mystogen to be not only amazingly powerful, but very humble and surprisingly nervous for all that they are. I would definitely date fem or male mystogen!
(Art by Moonllita)

#3 & #4: Male Lucy or Male Erza

They'd both make great boyfriends, honestly. Lucy might cry a bit much but they'd both stand up for you and be ready to right alongside (or with, lol) you at any time.
(Couldn't find the artists name....)

#5 Fem Laxus

Right?????? Yes. Yes yes yes.
(Art by Bionic02)

#6 Male Mirajane

Art by TheDominique!

ALRIGHT so at this point I'm just enjoying all the wonderful Fairy Tail gender bent fan art there is so I'll stop here XD

I want to see a fem elfman
Male Levy would be nice to date
i want to see a gender bender episode 馃槏
oh my god they look AMAZING!!! Now I'm actually thinking that there should be a gender bent version of fairy tail lol just for fun XD
shit male Lucy is hot
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