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The front door swung open and a strong hand grabbed him by the collar, pulling him inside, making him stumble a little. He pushed away the grip harshly like the brat he is, like a child telling his bully to stop. "You don't have to do that, hyung" He said. He straightened his shirt. His manager didn't look too pleased, "I made it back sooner than expected." "You know, I really don't care when you boys go out to have your fun, I understand, I was once your age so I know how it is. But when I tell you to get your ass back here, get your ass back here." the manager said trying not to let his raise into a shout. "Can I go to bed now?" he asked after a minute. "No. There's one more thing." He put his arm up against the wall, keeping his young ward from trying to walk away, "I hate to do this but if I ever have to come get you at her place of residence, I'll tell the company what's going on.... You know what happened last time" He stared at the manager wide eyed before lowering his gaze to the floor. He didn't care about that. That girl who ever she was, was just a plaything that him and his hyung had played with but she had disappeared. No one knew where she had gone. Only that she got attached and was crying like a baby, begging. It had annoyed him because he felt sorry for her. She really wanted to be his girlfriend but he denied her. So she started making threats, that's when the company stepped in and she was gone. He didn't want nothing to happen to his noona. Slowly he nodded, "I understand." "I mean, it's not a big deal until it becomes a big deal but you boys are their gold, do you understand?" "Yes." he sounded as if his manager had slapped him and in a way, it was a slap. He walked down the hallway quietly, when he entered his room, his hyung was waiting. The leader looked up at him, he had heard everything, he looked back down at his phone, wondering if his little brother was going to say. "I tried to call you but I know how you are when you're busy 'driving around'", he threw his fingers up to imitate parenthesis, then he laughed a little. "Did you know where I was at? Was it you that told the manager?" he asked as he sat down on his bed. "Little brother, I had no idea where you had run off to, I guessed it had to with a girl is all. And I hope she was worth the trouble" the leader studied him for a minute, "If this person is the person I seen you following around before, then I'm sure the manager figured it out himself, a long time ago." "Aish...." he flopped on his bed, "what am I going to do hyung, I don't want to lose her now that I have her but I don't want to see her get hurt." He hit the wall with his fist. "Go to bed. We have to get up in a few hours."