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I was bored for a bit so I just started drawing Fairy Tail characters sooo yea heres my Natsu and Happy drawing
Here's Gray and Wendy
Erza and Gajeel (no I am not shipping them and Ik gajeel doesn't look so great gomen)
And here's Lucy
Carla and Loki/ Leo the Lion
Rogue and Pantherlily
The adorable Frosch
And finally Sting and Lector. Please give me some feedback if I need to get better it'd help a lot.
I like the way you shaded Sting 😍 keep up the good work
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These are amazing! ^_^
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Awesome =DDDD
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Arigatou to all three of you @LittleAika @EmiiAlcid @SpeckleCloud ^-^
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