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I don't mind a glossy lip, and I think dewy looks can be totally beautiful. But something about the really glossy looks people are drawing inspiration from these days just doesn't look like something I would want to wear!

To each their own, as always, but what do you think of these looks?

"I'm a model and have shot similar looks to a lot of these - I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but any sort of glossy lid was literally applied on set after test shoots. All of the non-gloss makeup is applied and then we set up the shot and get lighting etc perfect and then the makeup artist will walk onto set and paint on gloss [if eyes were closed in a photo the model keeps their eyes shut the whole time gloss is on] and it doesn't look nice for more than 3 minutes or so Also lots of the glossy face shots are done by painting the model's entire face in pawpaw ointment and yes it is as gross and uncomfortable as it sounds!"

Will you go glossy?

nope. matte look please.... lol 馃榿
I think these pictures over did it. bit in the winter and depending color I think I would try it. 馃榾
And imagine all the bugs and dirt you'll be able to trap with glossy lid....
Hell no! They look really uncomfortable! imagine wearing them in summer.... *shudder
ehhhhh no i wouldn't! esp because my skin can get really oily, esp. in the summer! I wouldn't want even more shine! XD
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