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Time to talk about 화장! (hwa-jang)

화장 is make up and, if you're interested in Korean pop culture, you know that skin care and make up is a huge industry in Korea!

화장하다 - To put on make up


화장품 - Make up products


Where do you do makeup?


화장실 means bathroom, but its helpful to think of it as the room you do make up in ;)

Do you like wearing make up?

I'm a mascara and that's it kind of girl myself :D
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when I put make up on it tends to just be bb cream and a powder bc of sun damage and stuff but every now and then I go all out just to experiment
i loooooove makeup!! i went to ulta and spent way too much money yesterday actually ;___;
I put powder under my eyes and blush on my cheekbones.
아이라인어와 립스틱 좋아요!
I like wearing make up but not too much like the complete set haha but my make up won't be complete without the eyebrows. I can go out with just the eyebrow makeup coz without I'd look like an alien haha. My eyebrows they're so messy