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Whenever new music comes out, we always have to update our playlists. So I recently updated my spotify...set it on shuffle...and BAM! BTS' "We On" comes on! And it's like "ohhh I haven't heard this in forever!"
The song smacked me out of no where. I was getting turnt up in my car, not caring if the people in the other cars were judging me. It was as though I had heard the song for the first time again and fell back in love with BTS. The power of the shuffle! If you haven't heard the song before you should check it out. And if you have, listen to it again! The rap lines and vocals are on point. Those high notes/ falsetto give me life! Re-enchant yourself with BTS.
Has anyone else had this kind of moment? Let me know in the comments below. IG: @mirartcreate T: @adnarim93 FB: miartcreations
i am that picture of suga right now
man when my shuffle played just one day from them I felt it come back. I was like yes I love you all over again. I feel you I truly do lol